Thursday, May 17, 2012

Darwin: Wrong Again

According to United States Census data released today, most babies born in America are not white.

In 1871, Charles Darwin predicted that in the not distant future, the Nordic peoples would wipe out the darker people.

So much for that.


Anonymous said...

The weatherman was wrong yesterday. This proves that all science is a lie.

jewish philosopher said...

First of all Darwin's racial fantasies, which culminated in a twisted form in the Nazi holocaust, was a little more significant than a weather report.

Secondly I think this is the only prediction Darwin made, so we can use it to get an idea of what a genius he was.

ha ha said...

And the lion shall lie down with the lamb

And the dry bones are supposed to come back to life

And all of the nations will worship the lord in jerusalem

So much for that.

Anonymous said...

JP, Darwin did make another prediction, and got it right (twenty one years after his death.)

From Wikipedia: Angraecum_sesquipedale

Angraecum sesquipedale (also known as Darwin’s Orchid)

“It is noteworthy for its long spur and its association with the naturalist Charles Darwin who surmised that the flower was pollinated by a then undiscovered moth with a proboscis whose length was then unprecedented. His prediction had gone unverified until 21 years after his death when the moth was discovered and his conjecture vindicated. The story of its postulated pollinator has come to be seen as one of the celebrated predictions of the theory of evolution.”


Ironmistress said...

Left to his own devices, Darwin would have been correct.

Why his prediction failed was Christianity and Christian ethics which effectively castrated the Nordic races and their will to power. Already Heinrich Heine long before Darwin showed that cross is the talisman which keeps the furor Teutonicus from being unleashed.

Humans are irrational and unpredictable creatures and religions and ideologies can easily override biology and natural selection.

That does not mean that science itself was anyhow inherently wrong. Humans are.

jewish philosopher said...

"And the lion shall lie down with the lamb"

It's going to happen.

12. I believe with perfect faith in the coming of the Messiah. How long it takes, I will await His coming every day.

“Darwin did make another prediction, and got it right (twenty one years after his death.)”

Yes, but it’s a prediction which has nothing to do with evolution.

“This prediction, insightful as it is, has little to do with the core assertions of evolutionary science — that all species evolved from one another, and that this process is driven by random mutations and natural selection. Indeed, it seems to me that Darwin was not appealing to any of these ideas when he made it, but based it solely on the fact that the plant fertilizes via insect pollination and that the nectar serves to lure these insects. I don’t care or know much about creationists, but my guess is that this fact will be gladly adopted by the most diehard of this lot, since it perfectly fits their framework of design and purpose in Nature.”

“Humans are irrational and unpredictable creatures and religions and ideologies can easily override biology and natural selection.”

Well, another issue is, what is called a race and which are inferior is controversial. Notice that Ernst Haeckel, a devout Darwinist, placed Jews at the top of the racial tree.

Nazis of course, disagreed.

I’m beginning to wonder if the Finns, who have never amounted to anything, might be an inferior race. Where can I buy some gas chambers??

Ha Ha said...

"It's going to happen."

At least you admit to having blind faith in the Bible, despite evidence to the contrary.

natschuster said...

What does the orchid and the moth have to do with evolution?

jewish philosopher said...

"At least you admit to having blind faith in the Bible, despite evidence to the contrary."

My beliefs are based on evidence, as I explain.

Your beliefs are based on the fantasies of a racist lunatic.

Ironmistress said...

JP, at first you have to pry my assault rifle off my cold, dead fingers.

We kicked the Russian butt in the WWII and in the end we kicked the German butt as well. What does make you think we wouldn't kick American butt as well?

I can shoot 93 points with ten rounds at 150 m distance with bullseye being 10 cm diameter. Go ahead trying herding us to gas chambers. A whole lot of your side is going to eat lead first.

jewish philosopher said...

Actually Finland was a colony of Sweden and Russia until 95 years ago.

That doesn't seem promising.

The Finns were not simply massacred during those earlier centuries probably because Christianity and Christian ethics effectively castrated the dominant races and their will to power.

But you never know. Some new genius like Ernst Haeckel may come along and scientifically put Finns on the bottom of the racial tree. The Chinese could probably just collectively spit on Finland and wipe the place out.

Ironmistress said...

JP, the one who is the top dog and who is the bottom dog in the hierarchy is not decided on the chambers of the scientists.

It is decided on the battlefield.

In this respect both the Israelis and Finns have done pretty well.

When you have to fight for your independence and you have to fight for your right to exist physically, it makes you appreciate it more than someone who has been independent since the time immemorial like the British or French.

Evolution is war. It is struggle for existence and it is survival of the fittest. We have never been a middleman minority unlike Jews, but like Israelis, we've paid our independence with blood. And the tree of the freedom is to be watered with the blood of the patriots and the tyrants. Freedom is so easily lost and so hard to win back.

Every able-bodied Finnish male is a soldier and a lot of females are soldiers too. Exactly because of that.

jewish philosopher said...

So race superiority will retroactively be proven by a bunch of nuclear missiles and a psychopath with his finger on the launch button. That's going to advance evolution in the crazy world of atheism.

Ironmistress said...

JP, like it or not, but that is the way it goes.

Dave said...

JP, I'm a little confused, because sometimes you criticize atheism in the normal meaning (not believing in gods or supernatural), and other times in reference to anything that is not ultra-orthodox Judaism.

At times you blame "atheism" for the world's evils (like North Korea or Communist Russia), but then when confronted with the evils perpetrated by Christianity and Islam (who constitute the largest group of theists in the world) you blame the religion.

You also contrast behavior of nations, which is influenced by many factors, and that of small religious communities. These are invalid comparisons.

jewish philosopher said...

“JP, like it or not, but that is the way it goes.”

No it doesn’t. There are no races, there is no racial superiority, there is no evolution, God created Adam the ancestor of all men.

“I'm a little confused"

Atheism is an evil, false religion. That’s not confusing.

“You also contrast behavior of nations, which is influenced by many factors, and that of small religious communities.”

A couple of million orthodox Jews whose crime rates and so on have been recorded for decades isn’t so small. If let’s say a city the size of Houston, Texas, had an almost zero rate of murder and rape, very few violent crimes, one tenth the rate of pedophilia, no AIDS and a very low rate of substance abuse an unbiased person might suspect that they are doing something right.

Dave said...

"Atheism is an evil, false religion. That’s not confusing"

And, according to you, so is everything else that is non-ultra-orthodox Judaism.

I'm afraid your blog is running out of steam.

Why don't you just write a post that says: Jacob Stein's Ultra-orthodox Judaism is true and good. Everything else is false and bad.

Then copy and paste it a thousand times, and repost it every day. That is the jist of this blog.

I'm sure you'll get lots of converts.

jewish philosopher said...

I understand your desire to silence me. Stalin rounded up rabbis an shot them - problem solved. However in most countries today, you can't do that, so, in the immortal words of Bachman–Turner Overdrive: You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet't_Seen_Nothing_Yet