Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Chastity - a Foundation of Life

Probably the most basic change, which has taken place in European and European based societies since the Second World War is the idea that sexual intercourse should be based on mutual attraction rather than on long-term commitment.

Until at least the 1940’s, it was taken for granted in most of Europe and America that sex is something generally limited to marriage. If the married partners are attracted to each other, that’s fine, and if they aren’t so much, then they will live with that. However marriage was for life and normal, respectable people did not have sex outside marriage.

Today, this has completely changed. About 40% of babies are born to single women in the United States. (For women under 30, the majority of babies are born to single women. This compares to a 5% illegitimacy rate in the 1950s.)  Additionally it is roughly estimated that several percent of presumed fathers are not really the father. Based upon this, I think we can estimate that about half of sex takes place outside of marriage in Western societies today.

In earlier times, men and women were largely segregated and women were required to dress modestly in public. After a brief courtship or an arranged match, couples married at a young age and remained married until one partner died. Eroticism and sexual excitement played a small role in people’s lives. This is still true in traditional cultures today.

In recent times, especially since about 1970, adults see sexual gratification as an essential part of life, if not as a right and an entitlement. During a lifetime, people progress through many relationships, some longer, some shorter, all with the purpose of gratifying both partners to the greatest extent possible.

The problems caused by this are very serious.

- Depression. In a sex-based relationship, many times one partner is happy in the relationship while the other is dissatisfied for some reason and leaves. This can trigger depression. We can speculate that this may be one of the major reasons for an increase in the rate of depression since the Second World War in Western societies.There is extensive research indicating that people who have fewer sexual partners and who marry young are on the average happier. Whores and whoremongers are generally miserable.

- Disease. Frequent changes in sexual partners cause sexually transmitted diseases to flourish, resulting in physical suffering, infertility and sometimes death.

- Sexual abuse. When women bring new men into the home, as boyfriends or husbands, their daughters from previous relationships are at a high risk of being raped by them.

- Child Neglect. In “The Unexpected Legacy of Divorce: The 25 Year Landmark Study”,  Judith S. Wallerstein explains in great detail the emotional problems and mental anguish suffered by children who grow up in divorced homes. Many children in single-family homes live that way because one parent felt he or she would have greater sexual satisfaction in a different relationship.

- Abortion. Millions of babies conceived out of wedlock are simply killed before they are born.

Having sex with whomever you want to is probably similar to eating whatever you want to – it may sound good at first, it may not seem to make much difference for a few years, however the long term effects are deadly.

 There can be little argument that the Orthodox Jewish practice of chastity is ultimately far better for everyone involved.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Unmasking Imposters

[You are so busted.]

A serious problem within the orthodox community is the problem of impostors - people who were orthodox Jews, who no longer believe in the divine origin of the Torah yet who, for whatever reason, continue to pretend to be orthodox whenever orthodox Jews are watching.

One problem with these people is that they might kill us. Levi Aron is a Brooklyn resident who has confessed to murdering on July 12, 2011 an eight year old Orthodox boy. Prior to his arrest, Aron was a member of an Orthodox synagogue and had once studied in a yeshiva. According to news reports, police offered Aron food at some point the evening of his arrest. Aron said that he did not eat kosher and when detectives suggested he get Burger King or McDonald's, he said McDonald's. He wound up eating Chinese food. 

Additionally, these people may have a very negative influence on others – for example  they may secretly try to corrupt immediate family members, classmates, etc. I would assume that the kosher chicken scandal several years ago was the work of such an individual. We can only imagine in what other ways these people may be spiritually undermining the community – whether in making their family’s kitchen not kosher, writing not kosher mezuzos and tefillin, leading the congregation in prayers which they do not believe in, spreading illegal drugs and sexually transmitted diseases, etc.

Imposters may also commit crimes which are then a source of embarrassment to the orthodox community. The news will report "an orthodox Jew went to a prostitute" or "an orthodox Jew purchased child pornography" while in reality this person is merely an imposter who should have been exposed and shunned long ago.

If you suspect a family member of being an imposter there are, thanks to modern technology, simple steps which can be taken to clarify the situation.

First of all, if the suspect doesn't already have it, get him home Internet access and a smartphone.

Next, install monitoring software on the phone and the computer. With this configured, you will be able to track the suspect's location on a map in real time, record every keystroke he makes, every telephone number called and received, every webpage accessed, every photo or video taken with the phone, every text, email, etc. This should reveal a fairly complete picture of the suspect's activities.

If you suspect drug usage, then obtain a small hair sample and send it in for analysis. You’ll know exactly what he’s been using for the past three months.

If you suspect that your unmarried daughter is sexually active, and monitoring software has not answered the question, you might want to test her underpants for semen. This will reveal any unprotected, heterosexual vaginal intercourse.

Once a secret heretic is revealed he may then be expelled from our homes, synagogues and schools. I would ideally like to see a computer registry set up to track exposed secret heretics, similar to the websites now used for sex predators.

In addition to these practical efforts to track down and ostracize atheists, we must also fervently pray for the immediate destruction of Jewish heretics.

There is no reason for us to continue to be victimized by secret atheists. If we wish to, we can make secret atheism a thing of the past with a little serious effort.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Atheists Love Fun!

He's having fun - smoking and stinking of tobacco.
He's having fun - having sex with various average looking women and then wondering what that rash he keeps getting is and why it burns when he urinates.
He's having fun - drinking all night and waking up in mid-day depressed and with a splitting headache.
He's having fun - masturbating while using the Internet to the point where he is having difficulty ever functioning sexually at all.
He's having fun - taking more and more prescription pain pills, which make him more and more sick, to try and fight off his depression.
He's having fun - being poor because he can't hold a job.
He's having fun - being alone, because he's so selfish no one wants to be around him.
He's having so much fun that he wishes he were dead.  

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What You Will Never See or Hear

The book you will never read:

Straightened Out: The Scandalous Rejection of My Gay Roots by Daniel Feldman

In the tradition of Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s Infidel and Carolyn Jessop’s Escape, Straightened Out is a captivating story about a young boy determined to live his own life at any cost.

New York City's Greenwich Village community of gays is as mysterious as it is intriguing to outsiders. In this arresting memoir, Daniel Feldman reveals what life is like trapped within a sexual tradition that values silence and suffering over individual freedoms.

The child of a mentally disabled father and a mother who abandoned Daniel while he was still a toddler, Daniel was raised by his strictly homosexual uncle John and John's partner Tim. Along with a rotating cast of gay, lesbian and transgender friends, they enforced customs with a relentless emphasis on rules that governed everything from what Daniel could wear and to whom he could speak, to what he was allowed to read. As he grew from an inquisitive little boy to an independent-minded young man, stolen moments reading about the spiritual characters of the Bible helped him to imagine an alternative way of life. He had no idea how to seize this dream that seemed to beckon to him from the synagogues of Manhattan, but he was determined to find a way. The tension between Daniel's desires and his responsibilities as a good gay boy grew more explosive until, at the age of seventeen, he found herself trapped in a sexually and emotionally dysfunctional marriage to a man he had met in a local ally. As a result, he experienced debilitating anxiety that was exacerbated by the public shame of having failed to immediately consummate his marriage and thus satisfy his partner. But it wasn’t until he was nineteen that Daniel realized that his entire future was at stake, and that, regardless of the obstacles, he would have to forge a path to happiness and freedom.

You will never see this book published by Simon & Schuster or on the New York Times Bestseller list, because bashing Orthodox Jews is perfectly fine while bashing homosexuals is absolutely taboo.

The news story you will never hear:

Tzvi Klein was an eighteen-year-old student at Rutgers University in Piscataway, New Jersey, who jumped to his death from the George Washington Bridge on September 22, 2010. His roommate Dharun Ravi and a fellow hallmate, Molly Wei, had viewed Klein donning phylacteries and praying via iChat between a webcam on Ravi's computer and a computer in Wei's dorm room without Klein's knowledge. Ravi later attempted to view Klein's religious practices a second time and drew attention to the event by making Twitter postings to friends. Ravi has been charged with invasion of privacy, bias intimidation, witness tampering, and evidence tampering, while Wei is not being charged in exchange for testifying against Ravi.

You will never see this story broadcast on television. The reason why is because prosecutors would never be concerned about the suicide of an Orthodox Jew, while a homosexual killing himself because someone embarrassed him is a national tragedy.

Monday, March 05, 2012

Wiping Out Amalek

[British bomber over Hamburg]

As we celebrate this week the Jewish victory over Amalek, it may be worthwhile to remember the fate of Jew haters in recent times.

Between July 27 and August 3, 1943 the appropriately named Operation Gomorrah was launched against Hamburg, Germany. During those days and nights 9,000 tons of bombs were dropped on Hamburg, killing about 50,000 Germans and leaving one million homeless. It was the heaviest aerial assault in history and the most devastating ever non-nuclear bombing.

 Most of the victims died during a three hour firestorm early in the morning of July 28. The huge concentration of incendiary bombs created a tornado of fire, a huge outdoor blast furnace, containing winds of up to 240 km/h (150 mph) and reaching temperatures of 800 °C (1,500 °F). It caused asphalt on the streets to burst into flame, cooked people to death in air-raid shelters, sucked pedestrians off the sidewalks like leaves into a vacuum cleaner and incinerated some eight square miles (21 km²) of the city.

While Hamburg became a hell on earth, 465 miles away there was another hell on earth: Auschwitz. The concentration camp was in full gear at that moment, working Jews to death, gassing them and burning them. The Warsaw ghetto  had been completely liquidated just three months earlier. The Holocaust was at its height. While Germans were busy burning Jews in Poland, the British and Americans were busy burning Germans in Germany. This was a modern day version of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Perhaps in the Hamburg firestorm there was a little payback for the Warsaw ghetto.

As the great rabbi, Hillel, once said (Pirkei Avot 2:7) when he a saw a human skull floating on the water “Because you drowned someone, you were drowned. And whoever drowned you, will be drowned as well.”

Every small child should be taught about examples like this of divine judgment. Everything has a consequence.