Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Finally a Jewish Skeptic Comes Out

[Deborah Phony]

Nearly all formerly Orthodox bloggers are anonymous. Generally they claim to be "afraid" to reveal their identities, however it's seems doubtful what exactly they are really afraid of.  

Well, one of them has finally come out in a very public way: 
Deborah Feldman.

And guess what - she's exposed herself as being a pathological liar. What a shock.

Dear anti-Orthodox bloggers: please write books! Call Simon and Schuster. Let's discover what obnoxious, selfish, whores, whoremongers, porn addicts, potheads, alcoholics and general losers you really are. 

You might get on The View.

I can imagine the next memoir entitled "Hassidic Cannibals: One Man's Escape from the Man-eating Jewish Tribes of Brooklyn". Oprah's going to recommend it.  


Anonymous said...

She's cute.

jewish philosopher said...

This is a great photo. On the View, I thought she looked plainer.

Jeff said...

You can't prove anything here.

Plenty of ba'alei tshuva are nutcases or troubled people, as well.

jewish philosopher said...

Jeff, get an agent and write a book. I'm ready for it.

I have found two penitent memoirs in  print.


by Akiva Tatz

Nothing too scandalous as far as I can tell.

koifer said...

skeptic? nothing that I read from her or about her indicates any skepticism on her part. she left because of lifestyle issues not because of skepticism. (not that there's anything wrong with that). but do not compare her to skeptic bloggers

jewish philosopher said...

"nothing that I read from her or about her indicates any skepticism on her part."

That's about the same as the other skeptics.

Jeff said...

That's it, JP, you finally convinced me that I am a whoremonger, porn addict and pothead.

Your powers of persuasion must be similarly convincing thousands of other readers out there of their true nature and the truth of ultra-orthodox Judaism.


jewish philosopher said...

The fun thing about atheists is that they are very similar to a rock. When I pick up a big, heavy rock in the woods there are all these little bugs and worms squirming around in there. By same token whenever an atheist writes a memoir you get a chance to discover all the creepy stuff that's under the surface.

I want more Jewish skeptic, Off The Derech, Orthoprax, whatever you want to call yourselves memoirs. Let's see what crawling around down there.

ksil said...

you should blur the picture of her face, this is highly inappropriate according to the rabbinic orthodox judaism of 400 years ago that i follow


jewish philosopher said...

When your book comes out I'll definitely blur your face. It might crack my iPad.

Ironmistress said...

Then something else.

Shall we give Adolf Hitler the final victory?

Unfortunately, the age of relativistic ethics make it impossible to call evil as "evil". When Nazism comes back, it will not wear uniform and jackboots. It will wear the white jacket of a doctor.

jewish philosopher said...

I'm not sure how this fits in here, however of course without God everything is permitted. Furthermore, without a soul there is no free will and therefore no moral responsibility in any case.

However I don't see a return a to Fascism and totalitarianism as likely. Been there, done that. The future of the ex-Christian world is hedonism.

Abe said...

"without God everything is permitted."

Nah, with god everything is permitted.
Sickos come in all flavors, but particularly chareidi sickos.
Deborah Feldman may be a pathological liar, but at least she's never been accused of ritual infanticide. Your god sucks in more ways than one.

The cause of death was listed as “disseminated herpes simplex virus Type 1, complicating ritual circumcision with oral suction.”

jewish philosopher said...

Orthodox Judaism prohibits tons of things.

Name one thing atheism prohibits. And even if it did, you would have no moral responsibility anyway since you have no free will.

As long as you can stay out of jail, you can do anything with no guilt.

"The cause of death was listed as “disseminated herpes simplex virus Type 1, complicating ritual circumcision with oral suction.” "

Whatever happened, it sounds pretty mild compared to AIDS which, thanks to atheists, has killed 25 million.

natschuster said...

I understand that no DNA test was done to determine if the Herpes in the case sited above was acually transmitted by Metiziza B'Pe. DNA testing is considered the most reliable way to determine the soruce of the infection. So it is possible that the infant contracted Herpes from another source, e.g. a caregiver.

Anonymous said...

Why are you blaming athiests for Aids? It's the relgions that ban condoms.

jewish philosopher said...

In this link and in the following comments I discuss that.

Anonymous said...

After reading some of the blog I think the old accusations against jews about murdering babies, drinking blood, poisoning wells and desacrating christian consecrated wafers mieght actually be true.

Not seen such a vile and sociopathic drivel like the writings of "jewishphilosopher" in a long time. The last one from the same league some day killed his girlfriend and himself with a shotgun.

jewish philosopher said...

I just got a deal with Random House to write a book about Hassidic cannibals. I'm going to be on CNN.

I love children. They taste like chicken.

Dante Inferno said...
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jewish philosopher said...

Ha! In the immortal words of Bachman-Turner Overdrive "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet".'t_Seen_Nothing_Yet