Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Two Peas in a Pod

psycho 1

psycho 2

Both died on almost the same day. (Hitchens December 15, Kim December 17).

Both were atheists.

Both admired Marx and Lenin.

Both were mean and selfish. Kim unfortunately had more opportunity to express it.

Both drank heavily.

Both were fat.

Both were heavy smokers, however Kim quit 12 years ago, perhaps because of that living to be 70 instead of Hitchens' 62. Hitchens apparently had less self control.

Another difference: Kim is scheduled to have big funeral next week. Hitchens, for all I know, has already landed in a dumpster behind the hospital.

(Update: Hitchins' body was donated at his request to  medical research. Presumably, that would mean that medical students at the Texas Medical Center in Houston, Texas, where he died, will use his body to practice dissections. Afterwards, what remains will presumably be cremated and the ashes delivered to his widow. I find it however a little odd that this statement was made by Hitchens' literary agent, after being asked, rather than an announcement being made by his family and only nine days after his death, rather than at the time of death. Did his family simply abandon the body and tell the hospital to get rid of it? I don't know. For example, when the famous Anglo-American atheist Francis Crick died in 2004, he was cremated and a memorial service was held within a week.)


ah-pee-chorus said...

that got me thinking. you and ahmadinejad have a lot in common.

both are delusional fundamentalist theists.

both of you fast on certain days of the year.

both admire moses and the bible.

both are mean spirited, though few are aware of you.

both call for death to homosexuals.

and i've never seen both of you in a room together. hmmmmmmm

jewish philosopher said...

Hitchens and Kim shared the same politics and religion, even a very similar lifestyle, although Kim was more health conscious.

jewish philosopher said...

By the way, pee, as a sodomy advocate, what exactly would you like to say to the 15 million African children who are orphans thanks to the good work of people like you?


ah-pee-chorus said...

the many millions who died from aids, which as you know is primarily transmitted through hetero sex in africa, are victims of your fellow theists. the church wouldnt distribute the condoms which could have saved most. like you, they know what god wants and god prefers dead people to living ones who wear condoms.

jewish philosopher said...

I don't know of any rabbi who has a problem with Africans using condoms. We do know however that AIDS became an epidemic because of sodomy advocates like you. Interestingly, male circumcision, as mandated for Jews by the Torah and condemned by psycho Hitchens as genital mutilation, is now being advocated by physicians as prime means of preventing the spread of AIDS.

So anyway, what type of apology do you intend to make to those 15 million destitute orphans? Or is a few million sexual deviants enjoying themselves fully just more important than anything else?

Mr. Cohen said...

Ah-pee-chorus, your personal attack against Jewish Philosopher proves only that you are a nasty person.

If you were truly educated, you would know that personal attacks rarely (if ever) prove anything that is worth proving.

That Jewish Philosopher has not deleted your comment is evidence of his tolerance.

I suspect that Jewish Philosopher is actually a more tolerant and merciful person than you are.

ah-pee-chorus said...

can you link to a scientific article which shows that gay sex CAUSES AIDS? because if the issue is just transmission, and the majority of that transmission in africa is thru hetero sex, then following your reasoning anyone who advocates straight sex is responsible for those millions of orphans. you better start repenting.
as far as bris, it is indeed genital mutilation and the choice to do so should lie with the individual himself when he becomes an adult able to handle such choices with maturity and understanding. if medical science found that it were advantageous enough to overcome its inherent dangers and anatomical disfiguring, then that would be a different calculation. such is the case for vaccines. such is NOT the case for circumcision. the AMA does NOT recommend its practice.
if my religion required the severing of my childs thumb would you permit that too?

Alex said...

"He [Ben Azzai] would also say: Do not scorn any person, and do not discount any thing. For there is no one who has not their hour, and no thing that has not its place. "

You can go ahead and find sayings from Chazal that contradict this, but this statement still applies in this case. Why? Because in your comment section, Hitchens has his hour and his place.

jewish philosopher said...

In 1999, the American Academy of Pediatrics decided that infant male circumcision should be based on the parents' preference.


In 2007, the United Nations officially recommended male circumcision as an important intervention to reduce the risk of HIV infection in men.


In 2009 Hitchens the Bolshevik was still calling male circumcision disgusting, wicked genital mutilation. 


Jeff said...

Hey JP

This post is a waste of internet bandwidth.

The comparison is so superficial and spurious that it makes you look like a clown.

Like comparing you with the Ayatollah Khomeini because you both have beards and believe in god.

jewish philosopher said...

I think not.

Hitchens praised Lenin quite recently.


Lenin was a brutal dictator who would definitely have felt comfortable with Kim Jong Il.

Lenin delineated action against defiers of the decreed Bolshevik removal of Orthodox Church valuables: "We must... put down all resistance with such brutality that they will not forget it for several decades... The greater the number of representatives of the reactionary clergy and reactionary bourgeoisie we succeed in executing... the better." As a result of this letter, historian Orlando Figes estimates that perhaps 8,000 priests and laymen were executed.


jewish philosopher said...

"can you link to a scientific article which shows that gay sex CAUSES AIDS?"

The facts are quite clear.


Anonymous said...


Have you ever read Hitchens' commentary on North Korea? You should.

jewish philosopher said...

Obnoxious idiots generally don't like each other either.

Anonymous said...

So what was the point of your post?

jewish philosopher said...

That if you are impressed by Hitchens you're a fool.

Ironmistress said...

Hitchens himself would have appreciated being incinerated and thrown to dumpster - just the fate which has happened to many US war heroes in the recent wars. Unfortunately, his family is going to arrange him an ordinary funeral.

Christopher's brother Peter is a devout Christian.

[Hint: Hermann and Albert Göring.]

jewish philosopher said...

"Unfortunately, his family is going to arrange him an ordinary funeral."

Who said?

Anonymous said...

I love the guilty by association tactics used by this pseudo "Jewish philosopher." In fact you shouldn't even call yourself a philosopher. This whole "philosopher" business is a front for bigotry. I have seen nothing but vicious ad hominem attacks, and very little said about any of Hitchens's arguments. How about if we start from there? The fact of the matter is that I have been reading here, and I can't really say I can discern any philosophical component to any of this. I see no love of wisdom but an inflexible love of doctrine (philodoxa). How is that philosophy? I am not even an atheist and I have many problems with Hitchens, but to resort to the ad hominem attacks of this man after his death, with such contemptuous, smug, self-righteous animus, is truly despicable. The fallacies in this forum by this so-called "JP" are beyond me, and as someone suggested somewhere else, he needs to take elementary logic once again. The naturalistic fallacy is being deployed in excess. I could list the fallacies, but I am afraid it would be a waste of my time. Pathetic to see adults engage in this kind of useless vituperation. JP, you are anything but a philosopher. I know one when I see one, and you're a charlatan.

jewish philosopher said...

I've been thinking about Hitchens lately. Now we are about two months after his death. He was survived by a wife, three children and a brother. Have any relatives organized any sort of memorial service? Or are they trying to forget the nightmare?

Anonymous said...

Yuck, what a creepy blog.
What a silly comment about the memorial service, what do you care?

jewish philosopher said...

It sounds like the people who knew him best are glad he's dead.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you have such little grace even when pointed out to be wrong about a relatively minor subject. You couldn't even let the man have the "I donated my body to medical research for the betterment of scientific knowledge" card could you? You could try to show a small amount of class no? And just to do it, I'm responding to your earliest reply about being pro sodomy. You do realize that the Catholic church's policy of not allowing such simple STD deterrents as condoms no? That has far more to do with the spread of HIV than male on male action. Frankly it doesn't even make sense just because someone who is heterosexual isn't likely to go bumming around with homosexuals. And if your wondering, it's the heterosexual community hit hardest by HIV/AIDS (ie. those children didn't come from homosexual unions). Your assertion that sodomy is the cause of the epidemic over there is at best, completely unsupported and at worst bigoted (assuming here you are using sodomites in place of homosexuals).

jewish philosopher said...

"That has far more to do with the spread of HIV than male on male action."

It probably has nothing to do with it. Few Africans are devout Catholics and if they are they don't have sex outside marriage.

And has anyone organized any kind of memorial service for Hitchens? Has his family publicly eulogized him? I think they're all glad the jerk is dead.