Friday, December 30, 2011

The Real Analgesic

[Amy Winehouse - there is a better way]

Many people suffer from severe emotional pain of some sort. They feel disappointed, insulted, rejected, poor, lonely, hopeless, worried about the future, miserable about growing uglier and weaker with age and so forth.

To cope with this pain, people turn to painkillers of many types: alcohol, heroin, prescription pain killers, marijuana, etc. These substances unfortunately all become less effective with use, which encourages the use of higher dosages and as a result leads eventually to very serious and possibly fatal side effects. They may be good short term solutions, however in the long term they are horrifically damaging. (One biographer of Ernest Hemingway, the brilliant but atheistic and alcoholic writer, mentions that after age 45 he became more insane each year [ Hemingway by Kenneth S. Lynn page 532], until his suicide at age 61.)

What is the solution? Why can't doctors invent a powerful analgesic to which we will not develop a tolerance?

Fortunately, orthodox Judaism has solved this problem thousands of years ago. When one is suffering, he need merely remember that everything is from God and everything God does is good. The Talmud teaches us "one must receive the evil with gladness". It is all for our good. Everything is an atonement for our sins and prepares us for paradise. Furthermore, if one is unhappy with anything material, he may recall the words of the ancient rabbis who taught "This world is [merely] like an entrance chamber before the World to Come. Prepare yourself in the entrance chamber so that you may enter the banquet hall." Numerous inspirational works are available which expand on these and similar themes.

How precious is Thy lovingkindness, O God! and the children of men take refuge in the shadow of Thy wings. Psalms (36:8)

This is the real analgesic. 

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Close to the Truth

[the real Hitchens - a parody of the far left]

from the archives
APRIL 23, 2003 | ISSUE 39•15

SPARTA, TN–Noted author, social critic, and political gadfly Christopher Hitchens was once again the focus of controversy Monday, when he was forcibly removed from Happy Trails trailer park following a drunken confrontation with Noreen Bodell, 39, his common-law wife of 14 years.

Responding to a domestic-disturbance call, police arrived at the couple's double-wide trailer at approximately 2:15 p.m. to find Hitchens and Bodell throwing dishes at each other. When the officers attempted to remove Hitchens from the premises, the leftist intellectual became physically and verbally abusive toward the officers, calling them "shitkickers," "bitches," and "effete liberal apologists for the atrocities of late-stage capitalism."

An inebriated Hitchens is forcibly removed from the Happy Trails trailer park. Having consumed what sources described as "a substantial amount of single-malt scotch," Hitchens then burst into tears, yelling, "That woman never understood me for who I am. I want to talk to [Harper's editor Lewis] Lapham. Lapham's the only one who understands me."

Charged with disturbing the peace, Hitchens was taken to the Sparta police station at 3 p.m. and released four hours later.

Little is known about Bodell, a heavy-set blonde who has been known to use several different surnames. According to sources familiar with the couple, the incident marks the third time in as many weeks that police have been forced to intervene in their volatile relationship.

"We're down at the old Hitchens place probably twice a month at least," said Sgt. Wilson Vernon, the first of three officers to arrive at the scene. "Once his blood's up, old Hitch can get meaner than a three-legged coon hound. From what the neighbors told us about this latest incident, Noreen was all worked up, accusing him of drinking and womanizing. He was angry with her refusal to acknowledge that there is ample evidence to make a case for prosecuting Henry Kissinger as a war criminal. She just kept shouting, 'No, there ain't!'"

Police were initially summoned when neighbors reported hearing shouting and a loud crash, followed by a rambling polemic on Kissinger's alleged covert approval of Indonesia's illegal invasion of East Timor in 1975.

Though the belligerent Hitchens required three officers to subdue him, police do not consider the incident serious, calling it "business as usual" and describing Hitchens as a "hot-tempered but essentially harmless provocateur for the Far Left."

"Hitch is an all-right guy once he sobers up," Vernon said. "He just gets a little wound-up sometimes, like when his woman stays out all night down at Smokey Joe's Tavern, or he has a deadline looming for his Vanity Fair column."

Hitchens' run-ins with the law have not been restricted to Sparta city limits. In May 2002, he was arrested for drunkenly singing 1930s union songs while driving a stolen riding lawnmower through the streets of Boston, where he was attending an international women's-rights conference. Hitchens accused police of "atavistic, morally reprehensible Stalinist scare tactics" before being bailed out by conference organizers the following morning.

Sgt. Ed Poole of Boston's 11th Precinct said there was no love lost between Hitchens and his arresting officers.

"Word got around the station that this guy wrote a whole book claiming that Mother Teresa was a stooge of right-wing dictators," Poole recalled. "Supposedly, he said her hypocritical approach to charity for the poor of Calcutta, as well as her steadfast advocacy of the Catholic Church's doctrine prohibiting birth control, made her an essentially immoral individual undeserving of the mantle of sainthood. Well, a lot of the boys here are Irish-Catholic born and raised, and they don't take too kindly to people speaking ill of nuns."

Town officials in Sparta, where Hitchens has maintained an on-again, off-again residence for two decades, admit that he may be "a handful" at times, but they insist he is not a danger to himself or others.

"If I know Hitch, by the end of the week, he and Noreen'll be back together, cuddlin' and kissin', just as happy as two crawdads in a pond," Sparta Police Chief Buck Perkins said. "We don't get a lot of ultra-progressive agitators 'round these parts, but Hitch is okay. Plus, he earned a lot of points with the townsfolk for his vocal criticism of the anti-war movement. Even though he was attacking the war opponents from the left, folks around here don't necessarily understand the implications of that, so he's an all-right Joe in their book."

Added Perkins: "So long as Hitch can learn to keep his mouth shut about Christianity being symptomatic of the 'savage and ignorant prehistory of our species' and whatnot, I'm sure he'll cause no trouble that a few cups of black coffee and a night in the drunk tank can't solve."

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Crime of the Century

[AIDS orphans - thanks a lot sodomy advocates!]

The Gay Liberation Front was organized in New York City in the summer of 1969. Afterwards states began repealing sodomy laws.

Having recently achieved equal rights for blacks (which Jews have nothing against by the way; the modern Western concept of "race" is unknown in the Talmud), atheists needed a new cause célèbre to make them feel good about themselves. Homosexual rights fit the bill. Furthermore, the gay rights movement had, for atheists, the added bonus of making traditional monotheists appear to be "racist" since they could now be portrayed as irrational persecutors of a helpless, pathetic "sexual minority".

The first cases of AIDS were reported in New York and California in 1981. It usually takes 10 years or more for an HIV infection to turn into AIDS. Therefore these homosexual men apparently became infected with HIV about 1971.   

In  1984, AIDS was reported in Africa. (Just for the sake of comparison, AIDS was first reported in Brazil and England in 1982, in China in 1985 and in India in 1987. Thanks to modern jet travel, the plague spread quickly worldwide.)

In the 1990s, life expectancy in many parts of Africa dropped by about 10 years due to AIDS.

Today about 15 million children in Africa are AIDS orphans.

I just have a small question to ask gay rights activists: Was it worthwhile to cause this immense suffering, which far outweighs the Nazi Holocaust, for the sake of a few million American men being able to fully indulge themselves sexually? Or would it not have been far wiser and kinder to continue to outlaw sodomy, as the Torah commands? Rather than condemning the Torah's strict prohibition of sodomy as being "homophobic" and "genocidal" shouldn't it now be recognized as a remarkable sign of divine wisdom?

Have any gay rights activists even bothered to apologize? Or are such psychopaths incapable of regret?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Two Peas in a Pod

psycho 1

psycho 2

Both died on almost the same day. (Hitchens December 15, Kim December 17).

Both were atheists.

Both admired Marx and Lenin.

Both were mean and selfish. Kim unfortunately had more opportunity to express it.

Both drank heavily.

Both were fat.

Both were heavy smokers, however Kim quit 12 years ago, perhaps because of that living to be 70 instead of Hitchens' 62. Hitchens apparently had less self control.

Another difference: Kim is scheduled to have big funeral next week. Hitchens, for all I know, has already landed in a dumpster behind the hospital.

(Update: Hitchins' body was donated at his request to  medical research. Presumably, that would mean that medical students at the Texas Medical Center in Houston, Texas, where he died, will use his body to practice dissections. Afterwards, what remains will presumably be cremated and the ashes delivered to his widow. I find it however a little odd that this statement was made by Hitchens' literary agent, after being asked, rather than an announcement being made by his family and only nine days after his death, rather than at the time of death. Did his family simply abandon the body and tell the hospital to get rid of it? I don't know. For example, when the famous Anglo-American atheist Francis Crick died in 2004, he was cremated and a memorial service was held within a week.)

Monday, December 19, 2011

Biogeography - Love not Evolution

[marsupials - only in Australia - well, almost only]

One of the major “proofs” of evolution is biogeography – the distribution of living things.

As far as I can tell, biogeography does not mean that animals are always most similar to other animals living near them and more different than animals that live far away. There are too many exceptions to this rule. Alligators, for example, occur only in Florida and eastern Asia. The opossum is a unique American marsupial. It also doesn’t mean that present day animals closely resemble extinct animals from the same area. The fauna of North America a million years ago resembled today’s Africa.

What it seems to mean is that, if God created life, then similar habitats should have been created with similar plants and animals. There would be no need for all the variety that we find in the modern world. Deserts should all have one standard desert flora and fauna, forests should have a standard forest type of life, the Polar Regions should be the same and so on. In fact, this is far from the case.

I would like to question this premise, however.

According to Judaism, the highest level of serving God is the love of God, and that love may best be attained by studying nature. The wisdom and beauty of nature instills within us a love of God. If a painter painted a thousand masterpieces he is clearly greater than if he painted only ten. So also, the diversity of nature is designed to fill us with a greater love of God. This is the correct explanation for biogeography.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Hitchens is Not Great

Christopher Hitchens, lunatic author of God is Not Great, is finally dead yesterday at age 62, a victim of his own  debauched lifestyle.

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Portrait of an Atheist

"All thinking men are atheists."
- Ernest Hemingway, A Farewell to Arms, Chapter 2

Hemingway, a brilliant writer, but a lifelong alcoholic who married and discarded one wife after another until he finally fell into depression and blew his own head off at the age of 61.

If this is a "thinking man", it may be wiser to be thoughtless.