Sunday, October 16, 2011

Near Death Experience

An interesting proof of the afterlife is the phenomena of near death experiences.

I believe that NDEs are brief glimpses of the afterlife experienced by people who are physically dead (no pulse) and then are later revived. I believe that these experiences are basically accurate and authentic, although the experiencers tend to interpret them to some degree according to their own religious backgrounds.

Millions of Americans have reported these experiences. They confirm the existence of the soul, the afterlife and the existence of a loving God, all concepts taught by orthodox Judaism.

The idea that these experiences are merely hallucinations caused by some chemical reactions in the oxygen deprived brain seems implausible. Hallucinations never cause radical positive life changes. No one has ever woken up from a ketamine experience for example and decided to stop practicing law and devote his life to working in a homeless shelter. Radical improvements in behavior are however common after an NDE. This leads me to believe that these experiences are real contacts with a spiritual world, which confirm several basic Jewish beliefs, rather than merely hallucinations. 


Alex said...

On the one hand, you say it's a proof ("an interesting proof") and "they confirm...", but you go on to say, "I believe..." and "...seems implausible" and "leads me to believe."

You sound sure at times and just pretty sure at others.

jewish philosopher said...

I think it's an interesting confirmation of some Jewish concepts, although a die hard skeptic could continue to insist that NDEs are just really really vivid hallucinations.

Anonymous said...

You might be interested in this website - Near-Death Experience Research Foundation.