Monday, August 15, 2011

God's Microhelicopter

[the spinning maple seed; it may blow miles before finally landing]

When I got out of my car this morning on the way to pray, I noticed some maple seeds on the curb.

The simple little maple seed is one of God's open miracles. Each fall, a maple tree will produce thousands of tiny seeds, each one with a little wing on it to carry it away from the broad shade of its parent.

Their papery little wings keep them aloft so they can find a good place to germinate and make a new maple. But how they manage to fall so slowly has been a bit of a mystery—until recently.

Scientists filmed maple seeds as they wafted through a smoke-filled wind tunnel. And they found that a spiral of air develops on top of each falling seed’s wing. That vortex generates lift, and acts like a miniature tornado that sucks the seed up.

The design is so intelligent, Lockheed’s Intelligent Robotics Laboratories in New Jersey has just announced the creation of a tiny drone aircraft based on the maple seed.

Even this seemingly simple little chip of fiber bears witness to the existence of God.

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