Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Eternal People

[the Old Prague Synagogue]

I don’t believe that any culture or religion is as ancient or has been as stable as Judaism.

The name “Israel” is first found mentioned about 1210 BCE.

Israel Finkelstein, no friend of Orthodoxy, writes in his book “The Bible Unearthed” page 119 that from about 1150 BCE until 586 BCE, no pork was raised in the villages of the highlands of Palestine. (According to rabbinical tradition, the Israelite invasion of Palestine took place in 1273 BCE.) This is the earliest archeological evidence of Jewish observance.

Based upon the Mishnah, we know that a Jew living in Palestine 2,000 years ago could enter an Orthodox synagogue today and have virtually no difficulty joining in with the services. The phylacteries worn today and the Bible read from today are the same as some found in the Dead Sea caves.

Today the Orthodox Jewish population stands at about two million, and growing.

What’s truly incredible is that throughout this entire period, Jews have been constantly attacked and persecuted. The above-mentioned inscription from 1210 BCE tellingly reads “Israel is laid waste, its seed is not”. Jews have been hated since literally the first day of Jewish history and endless attempts have been made to annihilate the relatively small and helpless Jewish community. Why have these attempts always been unsuccessful? And, more surprisingly, why have the Jews bothered to be different?

In my humble opinion, the answer is quite simple.

There are an infinite possible number of false religions. There are 4,200 religions in the world today. Surely thousands more have existed in the past. More will exist in the future most probably. False religions come and go according to people’s preferences, whims and temperaments.

However, there can be only one true religion, and there will always be some honest people in the world who will embrace that religion in spite of all sacrifice. This is why Judaism is the eternal religion.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Gay Marriage

The New York State government recently legalized gay marriage.

Male homosexuality is about as unhealthy as heroin usage. Nevertheless, our state government has decided to celebrate it, apparently for no other reason than to demonstrate their sympathy for a minority group and to emphasize their rejection of the Bible, which prohibits sodomy. If people die, that's just collateral damage.

Great work guys. This may lower costs for Social Security and Medicare, but then don't forget about the higher health care costs of male homosexuals.

Monday, August 15, 2011

God's Microhelicopter

[the spinning maple seed; it may blow miles before finally landing]

When I got out of my car this morning on the way to pray, I noticed some maple seeds on the curb.

The simple little maple seed is one of God's open miracles. Each fall, a maple tree will produce thousands of tiny seeds, each one with a little wing on it to carry it away from the broad shade of its parent.

Their papery little wings keep them aloft so they can find a good place to germinate and make a new maple. But how they manage to fall so slowly has been a bit of a mystery—until recently.

Scientists filmed maple seeds as they wafted through a smoke-filled wind tunnel. And they found that a spiral of air develops on top of each falling seed’s wing. That vortex generates lift, and acts like a miniature tornado that sucks the seed up.

The design is so intelligent, Lockheed’s Intelligent Robotics Laboratories in New Jersey has just announced the creation of a tiny drone aircraft based on the maple seed.

Even this seemingly simple little chip of fiber bears witness to the existence of God.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

The Ultimate Pleasure

[From High School Confidential 1958; the voice of the Beat Generation]

Since the 1950s, the trend in American society seems to be moving more and more toward selfish, short term pleasure and enjoyment and more away from being concerned with long term consequences, the welfare of others and the afterlife.

Pornography became somewhat socially acceptable with the publication of Playboy magazine in December, 1953. Marilyn Monroe, the first Playboy model, and Elvis Presley, known for his suggestive movements, became superstars in the mid-1950's.

In 1964, the Beatles became the first true "rock stars". In 1967, the Summer of Love popularized the hippie movement.

About 1970, it became socially acceptable for women to have sex before marriage. Abortion was legalized in 1973. Divorce also became much easier legally at that time and divorce became commonplace rather than a rarity. Young people commonly smoked marijuana by about 1970. Also, at about that time, sodomy became legalized in many states. In the 1970's, the term "serial killer" was coined, generally referring to people who kill many strangers for pleasure. Child abduction and murder began becoming a national problem in 1981.

Today, probably almost every man, woman and child in America is regularly exposed to hard core pornography thanks to the Internet. Many men report losing interest in sex due to pornography being better than sex. For women between age 15 and 25, casual sex with virtual strangers is normal. About half of all children are born to single women. Marijuana is basically legal in California and becoming legal in other states. Many states have legalized same sex marriage. Stranger homicide is becoming more and more common. Programs like Intervention and Celebrity Rehab give insight into the horrifying world of hard core addicts. Hundreds of thousands of homeless people, primarily drug addicts and alcoholics, litter city sidewalks, something which blossomed in the 1980s.

Beginning slowing in the 1950's, gathering speed in the 60's and really taking off in the 70's, self indulgence and pleasure seeking has become more and more "cool", smart and fashionable. What is this leading to ultimately? What would the ultimate in hedonism look like? How cool can we actually get?

I can imagine society eventually allowing the opening of what I would call Total Pleasure Centers. These centers would allow Godless hedonists to indulge themselves at no cost to society and to then disappear, without endlessly filling up prisons, rehab centers, hospitals, homeless shelters, etc. Just do it and get it over with.

The Total Pleasure Centers, which would be heavily advertised in the most attractive terms, would work simply like this:

The client must be 18 or older and have at least $10,000.

If the client has custody of children, that custody must be completely surrendered and the children made available for adoption.

The client will surrender all his money and assets to the Total Pleasure Center when arriving.

He will be stripped naked, shaved and placed in a cell.

The cell will include a very comfortable recliner and a large screen computer monitor and desk with a mouse and keyboard. The monitor will also be attached to cable television. There will be a funnel attached to a tube to collect urine.

The client will have an IV line inserted, which will deliver nutrition.

The client will be groomed by aides (sponge baths; hair will be shaved periodically; he will be turned every two hours if need be to avoid bed sores) and nurses will make sure that the IV line remains open and uninfected. The urine collection bag will be changed daily as well.

The client will have a hand held device which will control the delivery of either heroin or cocaine through his IV line. The client will also have access to, but outside easy reach, a button which will administer a dose sodium thiopental, causing death.

The client’s account will be debited based on the cost of his basic care, the drugs he uses and the websites and cable programs he accesses if they require payment. The client will never be allowed to leave his cell. If necessary, he will be restrained to his chair.

Finally when the client’s account approaches zero, the IV will automatically administer a dose sodium thiopental, causing death. The client will them be cremated and his ashes disposed of in a refuse bin.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Baby Killer - and Secret Atheist

Levi Aron is a Brooklyn resident who has confessed to murdering on July 12, 2011 an eight year old boy whom he had just recently met on the street. Prior to his arrest, Aron was a member of an Orthodox synagogue and had once studied in a yeshiva. Was he, however, a true believer or a secret atheist?

Here is a photo of Aron from Facebook, pre-arrest:

Here he is the day following his arrest:

Here he appears in court for the first time, later that same day:

Here he is in court for the second time, today:

Had he appeared to his victim, Leiby Kletzky, a Hasidic child, as he appears now, with no distinctive Jewish clothing, would Leiby have gotten into his car?

Furthermore, according to news reports, police offered Aron food at some point the evening of his arrest. Aron said that he did not eat kosher and when detectives suggested he get Burger King or McDonald's, he said McDonald's. He wound up eating Chinese food.

I have never heard of any statement made by Mr Aron concerning his beliefs. I would very much like to visit him at some point and question him personally. However, I believe this does this emphasize the importance of ridding our community of the phonydox.

I cannot overemphasize the importance of identifying these imposters, expelling them from our homes, schools and synagogues and creating an Internet database tracking them. It's a matter of life and death.