Monday, July 11, 2011

Animal House

[our true home?]

Darwin wrote in Descent of Man Chapter VI

"Some naturalists, from being deeply impressed with the mental and spiritual powers of man, have divided the whole organic world into three kingdoms, the Human, the Animal, and the Vegetable, thus giving to man a separate kingdom. (1. Isidore Geoffroy St.-Hilaire gives a detailed account of the position assigned to man by various naturalists in their classifications: 'Hist. Nat. Gen.' tom. ii. 1859, pp. 170-189.) Spiritual powers cannot be compared or classed by the naturalist: but he may endeavour to shew, as I have done, that the mental faculties of man and the lower animals do not differ in kind, although immensely in degree. A difference in degree, however great, does not justify us in placing man in a distinct kingdom"

This is a cornerstone of atheism. Man is not central to the universe, he is not in any way special nor was he created in the image of God (Genesis 1:27), but rather man is merely another animal. Human exceptionalism is anathema to the true atheist.

Taken to it's logical conclusion, this would seemingly mean a huge cost saving to the criminal justice system.

There are a total of about 160 million cats and dogs alone owned by people in the United States. This is in comparison to 311 million people in the United States. Regarding people, we spend about $70 billion per year locking up about 2.5 million people. We have close to a million sworn law enforcement officers in the United States as well as thousands of judges, prosecutors and civilian workers on all levels at an incalculable cost. However regarding cats and dogs, we seem to make do with a handful of inexpensive animal control officers and a small number of shelters plus the liberal use of lethal injections. And this very low cost system seems to work quite well. Thirty four people were killed by dogs in the United States in 2007 while about 19,000 people were killed by other people that year. According to atheists, we should apply the same methods of animal control to people because people ARE animals.

Additionally, human reproduction should be supervised by the state and federal departments of agriculture. Someone like Casey Anthony, for example, from an atheistic perspective should probably just have been quickly spayed and released once her lack of fitness as a mother became obvious (which was from day one), no three year long carnival needed.

I wonder why atheists don't argue more passionately for social reforms based on Darwin, reason and science? Are they afraid to reveal how insane their beliefs really are?

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Joseph said...

We're not animals. Ecologically speaking humans are plants. When there are more of a species of animal there is less of what that animal eats. When there are more of a species of plant, the resources the plant needs either increase (soil) or stay the same (sunlight).

That's why genuine overpopulation problems are so rare among humans.