Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Why are ye fearful, O ye of little faith?

[global warming - are they ready for it?]

The New York Times today noted:

Over the past 540 million years, life on Earth has passed through five great mass extinctions. In each of those catastrophes, an estimated 75 percent or more of all species disappeared in a few million years or less.

For decades, scientists have warned that humans may be ushering in a sixth mass extinction, and recently a group of scientists at the University of California, Berkeley, tested the hypothesis. They applied new statistical methods to a new generation of fossil databases. As they reported last month in the journal Nature, the current rate of extinctions is far above normal. If endangered species continue to disappear, we will indeed experience a sixth extinction, over just the next few centuries or millennia.

The above is all correct, however what the Times fails to mention is that each mass extinction has allegedly accelerated evolution. Therefore, a true believer in evolution should applaud current events.

Are there perhaps fewer true believers than we would think? I wonder if an atheist can be "Orthoprax" - preaching the orthodox point of view while privately knowing it is nonsense?


NC said...

For the thousandth time, evolution does not call for "accelerating evolution". It is an illogical and false claim. There is no destiny, evolution does not require anything of us. Evolution occurs; it is neither good or bad. It just is, like gravity. We don't throw people or cats off the Empire State Building just because gravity is natural law. In fact, we build machines to defy gravity, like airplanes and rockets.

If I "believe" in gravity, do I have to oppose airplanes?

jewish philosopher said...

Evolutionists claim that mass extinction events have consistently led to more intelligent and complex forms of life. In fact, they seem to be the primary catalyst for evolution, although don't ask me how that makes sense.

So logically, evolutionists should be quite excited anticipating life's next great leap forward.

I wonder how many evolutionists are "orthoprax" in their religion.

NC said...

If you are referring to punctuated equilibrium, that does not imply that only "better" forms of life should exist, just that some are more adapted to the current environment.

You know as well as I do, JP, that you are just repeatedly misrepresenting evolution's claims ("evolved"="more desirable"). Is a fish "better" than a lion? Do we want to kill off all worms because they are simpler and less "evolved"? Your assertion is really shtuyot.

jewish philosopher said...

I didn't say the word "better".

One more time.

Evolutionists claim that mass extinction events have consistently led to more intelligent and complex forms of life. In fact, they seem to be the primary catalyst for evolution, although don't ask me how that makes sense.

So logically, evolutionists should be quite excited anticipating life's next great leap forward.

I wonder how many evolutionists are "orthoprax" in their religion.

Law mom said...

I think your "true believer in evolution" line is a bit of a straw man.

In my experience, most atheists aren't fixated on evolution at all. It's something covered briefly in school. For the vast majority of the population which isn't digging up fossils, it's not practical knowledge and doesn't get much attention after graduation. Evolution got more attention years ago, when the theory was considered somewhat revolutionary, but it's become established and boring since then.

NC said...

"So logically, evolutionists should be quite excited anticipating life's next great leap forward."

I really to get that jump in logic.

jewish philosopher said...


jewish philosopher said...

"In my experience, most atheists aren't fixated on evolution at all."

I'm sorry but I beg to differ. Atheists almost deify Darwin.

Atheist Alliance International (AAI) is pleased to announce that its 15th annual USA convention will be held in Burbank, California the weekend of October 2-4, 2009.

The theme of the convention will be "Darwin's Legacy," in honor of the 150th anniversary of the publication of Darwin's seminal work on evolution by natural selection,The Origin of Species.


NC said...

I meant: I really don't get the jump in logic. Getting excited about forcing evolution forward. Do they get excited about throwing cats from the 20th floor of a building, because it's allowing gravity to play out?

jewish philosopher said...

Continuing evolution seems to be exciting enough to sell some science fiction


Shalmo said...

JP that Shalmo/YC guy is not me. Someone else using my 'anonymous' name (check the ISP address)

Its clearly SJ or Garnel doing their usual trolling !

jewish philosopher said...

I got this message on Facebook

Noman Nasir April 7 at 9:31pm Report
hellow mr. jewish philosopher

You don't know me. I am a friend of Shalmo, who wishes to maintain his anonymity

He wants me to let you know that this new Shalmo/YC guy is not him but likely either SJ or Garnel using name to make him sound like an islamo-fascist

Would you be so kind as to block that person? Or ask him to expose himself as the liar he is?

jewish philosopher said...

To me, anyone unidentifiable could be anyone or could be all the same person.

SJ said...

I am not impersonating Shalmo I heard about it just now reading Garnel's blog.

Frankly Shalmo doesn't need help looking like an islamo-fascist.

Anonymous said...

I don't get your logic. Are you saying that someone who thinks that species on earth evolved from earlier ancestors is in favor of "more evolution" in the future?

I rather think that people accept the evidence of evolution which has been collected. You can of course see all of this evidence for yourself if you so choose.

The evidence that a god or gods created us and now is concerned with what we do naked? Not so much evidence there.

The proper attitude to evolution is neutrality. We're interested in the explanation that best accounts for all the data. No religion can do that coherently. The theories within the term do a better job.

The religious mindset, of course, is ecstatic about end times. You can't wait for the world to end because you think you go to a magic place where people get either tortured or they get to suck prostrate at the divine teat for eternity.

Your penchant for turning evolution into a religious belief is funny, since you yourself hold a religious belief. It's as if you are saying "we are both captive to the same idiocy." The difference is that your beliefs have far less merit because they do not match with history, common sense, or science.

jewish philosopher said...

I'm sorry to destroy your simple faith, however Judaism is obviously true


while evolution is clearly nonsense


In general atheism is based on so much irrational dogma, it makes the Catholic church with its beliefs in papal infallibility, transubstantiation and the trinity look like the epitome of hard nosed rationalism by comparison.


Nate said...

From R' Avigdor Miller's weekly shiurim, recorded in a new book:

Q: How can we understand the new power of Germany, in view of what Germany did to us?

A: Let me tell you something. We’re making a very big mistake if we think the Germans did something to us. Hakodosh Baruch Hu did it to us. All this stuff, about the Holocaust and talking constantly about that, blinds people to the fact that there is a Hakadosh Baruch Hu in the world. There are no good goyim. No goyim are good. And there are no bad goyim. Only Hashem is good or not good, that’s all. Of course, if it were up to us, we would have to make an army. Even this day, I say, and go to Germany and destroy about 6 million Germans. But that’s only a token, a demonstration. Actually the Germans don’t know anything. They’re like bacteria. You’re going to make a war on bacteria because it causes disease? And therefore, it’s a war against Hashem.
Hashem is the One Who did it. Only, why did He do it? That’s a question. Because Europe was full of Jews who were Bundists, atheists. They were much worse than the Reformers in America. The Reform in America are very bad and they are beheimos, since they are ignorant entirely.
But the Jews in Europe were recently Jews who kept the Torah, and they rebelled against the Torah. Their parents were all Shomrei Mitzvos, and the new generation threw it all away and became Rashaim Gemurim, a terrible generation. I was there, I saw it. And therefore Hakadosh Baruch Hu sent a Holocaust on them.
Of course, here and there, there were pockets of frum Jews, but there was a very great movement away from Torah. They were rebelling against the Torah in Europe. The world keeps quiet about it. I saw it. And therefore, it’s not the Germans that we have to worry about. We have to worry about ourselves. Our enemies are our own; we are the real enemies of the Jewish people. The Reformers are the enemies of the Jewish people. The Conservatives are the enemies of the Jewish people. The college people and the academicians, all the Jewish atheists, the Jewish gays, they’re our enemies. There are so many of them……They’re our enemies. And therefore, stop worrying about the Gentiles, to fight back against them. Of course, I say again, if we have an army, we should go to Germany and execute 6 million Germans. Just as a token, it’s a zecher. But the real battle is not against outside enemies; the battle is against inside enemies.

Alex said...

You wrote: "I wonder if an atheist can be "Orthoprax" - preaching the orthodox point of view while privately knowing it is nonsense? "

You're giving a poor definition of orthoprax. An Orthoprax person is generally the agnostic or semi-believer who practices the orthodox point of view. He is not to be defined as one who preaches it.

Alex said...

Shtika is hodaah.

jewish philosopher said...

"Profess" would be more accurate than "preach".


Alex said...

Naah, "profess" is too vague. It can mean declare OR practice.

Orthoprax folk don't declare Orthodox beliefs, but they practice Orthodox practice.

jewish philosopher said...

Orthoprax (or, more accurately, hypocrites) recite the following publicly in a synagogue probably several times annually:

Blessed are You, L-rd our G-d, King of the universe, who has chosen us from among all the nations and given us His Torah. Blessed are You L-rd, who gives the Torah.