Thursday, April 14, 2011

Are Orthodox Jews Missing the Fun?

[Firearms: the American preference]

A sign that atheists are disproportionately unhappy: they kill themselves far more frequently than other people. And I think it's reasonable to assume that for each person completing suicide, far more attempt it, think about it or are just very sad. In contrast, Jews have a low rate of suicide and I suspect that Orthodox Jews have very low levels although it does occur rarely.

The high level of suicide among gay men may be related to the high level of atheism. (Note that African Americans, although also having a difficult socio-economic situation, have a low suicide rate. Obese people, although shunned and ridiculed, also have a below average rate. Practicing gay men however have an elevated rate, which may be consistent with atheists in general.)

Arnold J. Toynbee noted "Civilizations die from suicide, not by murder." Is this why the Jews are the eternal people?


yosef said...

The high level of suicides among gay men are related to the high level of fundamentalists religious people (Christian, Haredim, Muslim) who taunt and torture these individuals.

Watch Trembling Before G-d for a little perspective.

jewish philosopher said...

Frankly, I think that's pure nonsense and pro-gay propaganda. If a little bullying and ridicule would dramatically increase suicide risk, we should see orthodox Jews, Hispanics, obese people, african americans and American Muslims flying off bridges like lemmings.

The fact is probably the reverse: depression leads people to both sexual perversion as well as to suicide. Lesbians by the way don't seem to have an elevated rate either. It's practicing male homosexuals who seem to be most prone to suicide, although it's unclear to exactly what degree.

Baal Habos said...

You have poor reasoning skills. Maybe frum jews are miserable but won't kill themselves because Yahweh frowns on it and their kids won't get shidduchim, yadda, yadda yadda. Even non-religous jews won't kill themsleves because they won't be buried in the family cemetery. (See Nora's Will.) While it MAY be true that Jews and Ortho's are happier, you can't prove it from suicide rates.

jewish philosopher said...

The basic atheist ethic is:

Life sucks and then you die
So while you’re here you may as well get high!

That may sound reasonable, until you reach a point that you develop a tolerance to your drug of choice. What do you do then? Well since life sucks, so just end it.

The Jewish philosophy is basically: Yes indeed, due to our many sins life sucks. And then we do indeed die. But we then go to paradise and reap the rewards of our many good deeds done in this life, so you should get busy observing God's commandments.

Joe said...

Baal Habos said...
So that if it wasn't for the "non-atheists" people will kill themselves in droves...
Not very productive

ksil said...

ITs posts like these that confirm that you are in fact a troll.



jewish philosopher said...

In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking other users into a desired emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.


ksil said...

Thank you for confirming that. ITs true!

nice job

now go back to all those blogs and post non-sensical stuff that is untrue and illogical just to "provoke other users into a desired emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion."


jewish philosopher said...

I think my comments are always relevant, informative and wise. I am the anti-troll. People who just keep writing LOL are true trolls.

Nate said...

If people like Ksil would just do what they are told, by God and Chazal, and shut up about it, even if they are miserable, none of this bickering would even be happening at all. Somewhere along the line, someone misconstrued the message and assumed that their life should be about being happy. That's the real nonsense of it all. The only time "happy" is mentioned is in Pirkei Avos, to be happy with your lot. If your lot is misery, be happy about it.

ksil said...

speaking of trolls!


jewish philosopher said...


ksil said...

i'm rubber your glue...! very clever.

question: why is suicide or murder bad? because you say so?

the torah is not explicit, in fact commands murder quite often (just read in this past week's parsha)

Abe said...

No doubt about it, god wants you to share his misery.
But ,its so easy to extricate yourself from all that anguish, despondency and dispair that god abuses you with. Just tell yourself it was all a bad dream and tell the bogeyman that he doesn't exist.
That's what I did over 30 years ago and havn't been happier since.

jewish philosopher said...

"the torah is not explicit, in fact commands murder quite often"

You obviously never studied any practical Jewish law.

"That's what I did over 30 years ago and havn't been happier since. "

And you expect me to believe that with no evidence.

Anonymous said...


There is a difference between murder anda judicial execution.


So you say you are happier. But the evidence of populatioin studies shows that atheism tends to lead to unhappiness. So, can i conclude that you don't care about the rest of the world becomng unhappy, as long as you are happy?
Is this typical of atheists?

Abe said...

"And you expect me to believe that with no evidence."

"So you say you are happier. But the evidence of populatioin studies shows that atheism tends to lead to unhappiness. So, can i conclude that you don't care about the rest of the world becomng unhappy, as long as you are happy?
Is this typical of atheists?"

Of course this has been debunked on numerous occaisions. Atheists are indeed much more happy than believers. I mean how can you really be happy when believe that god might smite you down at any moment for drinking microscopic bugs out of New York City water faucet ?

jewish philosopher said...

Dr Barber is merely a popular author and atheist propagandist. His article doesn't mention the suicide question I bring up

or another relevant study

He basically just cites the Gallup poll, which seems to indicate that on a national scale, happiness seems to correlated generally with wealth, stability and ethnic uniformity

He fails to mention that very strongly secular states such as Vietnam, Japan and Russia

did not hit high up on the happiness survey.

Anonymous said...


If atheists are so much happier, why are suicide rates so high in atheist countries?

What metric do yuo use to measure happiness anyway. It seems to me that the most accurate, objective way would be suicide rates. Suicide rates are very high in atheists countries. Sweden is often sited as a secular or even atheist paradise. But the suicide rates there are very high. Same with Japan.

Ksil said...

"There is a difference between murder anda judicial execution."

Judicial execution? Like killing someone for lighting a match on saturday? Or 2 consenting adults that have relations? ( but the woman did not recieve a get)?



Anonymous said...


Yes, there is a difference. Look it up in the dictionary.

And if you ever studied the Talmud, you would know that the death penalty was very rarely given.

And, what exactly is your basis in logic, reason, science or whatever for saying anything in the Torah is immoral?

Sir Doom said...

I think this post by Mr. Jewish so-called "Philosopher" is an obvious projection! He projects his own latent homosexuality, with which he is still unable to cope, as well as his own suicidal thoughts. Perhaps he knows that deep down he is a fucking failure and a coward. A loser with no college education, no stable employment, and harmful addictions of his own (obsessive-compulsive blogging). So, please Mr. Stein! Follow your own advice. End it all. Kill yourself. Do all of us in the J-blogosphere, your family, your God, your fellow Frum Jews, and above all, yourself, the favor.

Just please don't use a shotgun. Try a method that looks accidental. Your family might not be able to collect on much needed life insurance otherwise.

Sir Doom said...

P.S. check out the faggot's Youtube profile! Who is Harry Dubois? Is that by chance the name you use when trolling rentboy? Seriously, his only favorite is a princess cartoon. What 50-year old man favorites princess cartoons on Youtube.

LOL! Fag!

jewish philosopher said...

Sure. Just like all those people who dislike pedophiles are pedophiles. They're projecting.

jewish philosopher said...