Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Why We're Doomed

[This received "Honorably Mention" in the Comedy/Novelty category of the International Songwriting Competition 2009. Seemingly it was written in all seriousness, praising not parodying drug users. Of course we all know how much fun drugs are.]

In 1962, prayer was banned from public schools. In 1963 Bible reading, was banned.

In the 1960's evolution became widely taught in America's high schools.

The large scale hippie movement began in summer, 1967.

Eventually the hippies grew older and became yuppies. The yuppie drug of choice was shopping.

Since the 1980's, the government debt has been growing, personal debt has been growing, savings have been dropping. The balance of trade began falling rapidly in the mid-1990s. We have now been hit by a financial crisis, which I suspect will eventually lead to a United States sovereign default, with consequences I'd rather not think about.

Basically, the Protestant work ethic has been exchanged for the mindless selfishness and instant gratification of atheism, with unfortunately predictable results. Twelve Step programs have tried to reinvent the church, however with limited success. We are quickly becoming Third World America.

I can only say, rephrasing the song: God save America, land that I love.


Law mom said...

I'm not American, but went to a public school where we recited the Lord's Prayer every day. Given that around 80% of the students were Jewish, I can't see the benefit of reciting a prayer from the New Testament. We used it as an extra minute to finish math homework. The disregard stood in stark contrast to the respect that we were taught for Jewish prayers such as the Shema in Hebrew School.

My parents also told me about how their 99% Jewish classes had to sing "Jesus Loves Me" when they were growing up in Montreal. Plenty of students ended up humming the Jesus part.

I prefer that prayer be taught in a serious setting, supported by the family, with the proper attention and respect. One has to wonder about the risks of violating the commandment against taking the Divine Name in vain.

jewish philosopher said...

I'm using this data as an indication that the United States basically converted from Christianity to atheism about 1960. I'm not a Christian, however it was perhaps better than this mess.

Law mom said...

I'm also confused as to why you are promoting Protestant values, when you claim that this is a blog to promote Judaism. The alleged "Protestant work ethic" was supposed to be about demonstrating that one's soul had been predestined to be saved - a concept totally foreign to Judaism.

Where I live, any "Protestant work ethic" is totally eclipsed by the Asian (both East Asian and South Asian) work ethic. Both the Asian and Jewish approaches tend to place far higher value on education than the Protestant version.

You can also see the generation gap among Italian Catholics in my area. The older generation paid off the mortgage and canned their own tomatoes. The younger generation lives in big houses on credit.

Also, if we are pulling out random bit of history, note that 80 years ago we were in the midst of the Great Depression. Those who lived through it were famous for frugality, but they are now elderly seniors who are dying off. The Baby Boomers, OTOH, were born into post-war prosperity. We got the hippies at the precise moment that a huge cohort of teenagers came along, and unlike their parents they didn't need to work to support their families or go off to war.

NC said...

I'm actually in favor of moderate religion in public life and society. Even though I don't really believe in any of the god myths, I think that Judaism and other religions are useful fictons for giving people a strong sense of community and purpose. Spirituality helps people. So I actually agree with your assessment of America's spiritual decline.

Eclipse said...

Not all hippies became yuppies. Some of us stuck to our convictions and dedicated our lives to building a better world. We never got into materialism and money, instead choosing to focus on ecology, fighting poverty, working for peace, etc. Real hippie values aren't about hedonism. They are about a belief that everyone of us has the power to create a better world and about walking the walk--living simply so others may simply live.

The reason for the financial crisis is a 30+ year war on the New Deal and Great Society, started by Ronald Reagan with his nonsensical voodoo economics--aka supply side economics. It doesn't work--never has, never will. Instead, it undermined the middle class and created the largest gap between our haves and have nots since the Great Depression. A country where 90 percent of the wealth is owned by a tiny group of the super rich while the great majority are being pushed into poverty, where there are fewer and fewer opportunities to achieve a middle class lifestyle, is well on its way to joining the Third World.

jewish philosopher said...

"I'm also confused as to why you are promoting Protestant values, when you claim that this is a blog to promote Judaism."

I'm promoting just about anything in contrast to atheism.

"the Asian (both East Asian and South Asian) work ethic"

There apparently is a Confusion work ethic.,9171,923424,00.html

"The Baby Boomers, OTOH, were born into post-war prosperity."

That's exactly the problem. This triggered the conversion from Christianity to atheism.

"But Jeshurun waxed fat, and kicked--thou didst wax fat, thou didst grow thick, thou didst become gross--and he forsook God who made him, and contemned the Rock of his salvation."

"I think that Judaism and other religions are useful fictons"

How exactly can lie be helpful? Shouldn't people live more successfully the more honest they are? Animals for example, including packs of wolves, herds of deer and bands of chimpanzees, function very well with zero religion.

The likes of Steven Pinker has admitted "The universal propensity toward religious beliefis a genuine scientific puzzle."

Of course, it's not puzzle to me. God created animals to serve man and He created man to worship Him.

"Not all hippies became yuppies."

I'm describing the general social trends.

"The reason for the financial crisis is a 30+ year war on the New Deal and Great Society, started by Ronald Reagan with his nonsensical voodoo economics--aka supply side economics."

I think the result of any severe addiction tends to be poverty, impaired function and premature death. That's where we're heading.

Now that the entire structure of American society, from the board room and Capital Hill to the playground and kindergarten, is infused with atheism (do the math - those original hippies are now about 60) we have finally reached major crisis.

YC said...

JP, I have a genuinely SERIOUS suggestion. This whole Judaism thing is not working out well for you. You really do not seem a good fit for Judaism. Let's see, all this horrible, tragic shit has happened to you in the past year or two: you were fired from your programming job of nearly 15 years, and booted from your shul late in 2009, you were expelled from nursing school last autumn, and now your dog was run over. These unfortunate events were not one-off freak occurrences, but a series. So many calamities have occurred in the past, and probably, more await you. There are really only three possibilities.

(1) God does not exist. Shit happens and you are just very unlucky for some reason.

(2) God exists but just does not give a flying fuck. Shit happens and you are just very unlucky for some reason.

(3) God exists but he is very angry at you, which leads to three further possibilities (non-mutually-exclusive): (a) he hates you, (b) he is punishing you for some misdeed(s), and/or (c) he is trying to send you a message.

Considering possibilities 3-b and/or 3-c, what could you have done to piss off the big guy so much? Will get to that later.

You sure don't strike me as being very Jewish. You don't even strike me as being pro-Jewish. Your blog is consistently anti-atheist, anti-homosexual, anti-Zionist, maybe pro-monotheism, but not particularly pro-Jewish. Not to mention you regularly hate on your fellow Jew. Islam allows you to continue being/doing all those things.

Furthermore, Islam is very big on eternal Hell. Ironically, you claim in your farewell letter to the only people with the decency to be your parents (assuming that letter is genuine and not a fabrication) that the appeal of Judaism to you (and your objection to Christianity) was your belief that there is no Hell in Judaism, at least not an eternal one. Of course, you are now big on that whole Hell thing.

Islam expects you to follow certain dietary laws: no pork (which you already do), keep halal (which you already sort of do, halal is very similar to kosher), etc. Of course, you have to give up alcohol and you no longer get to suck off little boys if you become a Muslim (though I don't think the no alcohol thing should be too hard considering your value on sobriety), but you don't have to bother with silly Sabbath rules.

YC said...

Think about it! When God allowed your employer to fire you, your rabbi Ari Senter to disown you and boot you from shul, your nursing school to expel you, your dog to become roadkill, he must have been punishing you, or sending you a message, or both! Could it be that Allah is the true God? Allah must be angry for blaspheming against Him, against his Prophet Muhammad, and against his Holy Koran, and against his Sunna (against whom you demanded genocide). He would have to be PISSED!

Furthermore, what basis do you have for believing Judaism to be true? Your sole "arguments" are the Watchmaker Argument and the Kuzari argument. But even assuming that creationism is true and that God exists, why should you conclude an obscure religion such as Judaism is the correct one? If the Kuzari argument is all you got, at most you can conclude that the Exodus story has some factual historical basis. [Note that Moses and the Exodus story are in the Koran!]

If you would allow me to appeal to logic, according to recent CIA World Factbook Figures, the global population of Muslims is estimated at 1,455,614,453, but only 15,934,856 Jews. With nearly 1.5 Billion Muslims but fewer than 16 Million Jews, who are you going to bet on, all things being equal? Not to mention, those figures for Jews are obviously inflated because many Jews are secular, and those figures count Conservative-Reconstructionist-Reform-Renewal Judaism even though none of them are really Jews. How many Orthodox Jews are alive in the world? And of the Orthodox how many are Dati Leumi or Modern Orthodox (i.e. semi-atheist)?

Granted, I am aware of the fallacy ad populum. The most popular stance is not necessarily the correct one and so on. But don't you think Almighty God would make his one true religion BIG and POWERFUL rather than SMALL and struggling? Why would God's one true religion be a tiny, obscure cult? For that matter, on a global scale, Islam is the world's fastest growing religion in the long term. Judaism is a dying religion. Nearly every source report a net de-conversion for Judaism, i.e. apostates vastly outnumber converts and baalei teshuva.

So granting:

(1) The evidence from creationism suggests that a creator god exists and that evolution is false.

(2) The Kuzari arguments suggests that the Exodus story, at least in some basic form, is probably historically correct.

(3) Ergo, a religion that posits the existence of a supreme creator god (and rejects evolution), and that accepts the Exodus story as true is probably the true religion.

That leaves Islam (nearly 1.5 Billion and growing) and Judaism (MUCH LESS THAN 16 Million and contracting) as two plausible candidates. (I am ruling out Christianity and its derivatives for the sake of argument.) Which religion seems like the more plausible option?

jewish philosopher said...

YC, the explanation for all the above is exquisitely simple: God is angry with for not fighting atheists even more fiercely. I must repent and work even harder.

YC said...

Way to plant your head far up your ass in ignoring my very damning arguments.

God is angry with you for not fighting atheists even more fiercely? Well, I think you have fought them fierce enough. How do you plan to fight them more fiercely, with an AK-47?

I think it makes far more sense that God is angry at you for deliberately selecting an obviously false religion and for blaspheming and libeling his true religion. (Which given your pitiful "arsenal of proofs" Islam is just as plausible as Judaism, only Islam is a large, robust, growing world religion. Judaism, particularly of the Frum variety, is a tiny, feeble, obscure cult.)

Consider that you just lost your beloved pet. I noticed that in your previous post, you compared the death of a dog to that of a human. What if it is someone more dear to you next time? It is obvious that GOD IS PISSED off at you. You even admit as much yourself. Are you willing to risk pissing him off further?

He sent you ample personal signs, and he sent the world a very powerful hint that Islam, not Judaism is his correct religion.

[Christianity is splintered and fragmented. Who are the true Christians? Roman Catholics? Episcopalians? Baptists? Methodists? Pentecostals? Mormons? Jehovah's Witnesses? Not to mention, Christians as a whole outnumber Muslims, and is continuing to grow, both in terms of births and conversion, but Islam is growing faster and most experts predict that Muslims will significantly outnumber Christians by the middle of this century. So I think we can safely rule out Christianity.]

Apparently you believe that God is an incompetent who can barely keep his "true" religion alive, let alone thriving. Seriously, you might want to consider embracing Islam before you piss off Allah and he does something worse to you.

jewish philosopher said...

Actually, God and I hang out a lot. He's just annoyed that i'm not working even harder to expose the evil and danger of atheism.

YC said...

Oh cute, the little "jewish philosopher" despite his pretensions of superior intellect, folds and retreats when confronted with a challenging argument, resorting to sarcasm instead.

Fucking imbecile! I was hoping you would at least try and attempt to refute my arguments rather than retreating into sardonic mockery.

But you know what they say... What is prayer?

If you talk to God, then you are praying. If God talks to you, then you are a schizophrenic. [Seriously though, if you and God did "hang out a lot" he would not be sending you subtle signs of his displeasure when he could simply tell you...]

But why don't you answer my criticism, which is airtight even assuming your contention that the Old Testament is true. [Specifically divine creation and Exodus/Sinai.] What's wrong you old feygeleh? Stumped?

Let me reiterate. Seeing as your "proof of Judaism" could just as well be "proof of Islam," and that Islam is a great big religion of nearly 1.5 billion, but Orthodox Judaism is a small, impotent, dying cult of a few million, why Judaism? Why not Islam?

Once you become a Muslim, you can work just as hard if not harder to expose the evil and danger of atheism. But maybe the Big Guy is annoyed that you're not working to expose the evil and danger of Judaism.

jewish philosopher said...

Somebody isn't taking their meds today.

Yup said...

YC most definitely has a mood disorder.

Nc said...

YC is Shalmo

Anonymous said...

I will add this blog to my favorites, it is great.

YC said...

JP, your repeated appeals to ridicule are nothing more than a tacit admission that you have NO ANSWERS.

You have said that you totally understand the appeal of atheism (i.e. "sex, drugs, and rock and roll" in your words) but not Islam. However there are only two tangible reasons why you would prefer Judaism to Islam, neither of which is mutually exclusive: you are either a pederast or a racist. (Or both!)

Judaism allows you to suck off little boys, in fact it expects you to do so to clean circumcision wounds. Islam makes no such provision. Judaism teaches that you belong to a master race, an ubermenschen superior to the Goyim. Islam teaches racial equality. So which is it?

@ "Yup"
Funny you visit the blog of a lunatic like Stein and claim I have a mood disorder. I would say that Mr. "Yup" is none other than JP's anal lemming "Nathan" and he still refuses to use a name or alias but finally posted under something besides "Anonymous." But everyone knows that "Nathan" is really JP. Nathan is a figure of his imagination, and by extension that of everyone else who mistakes "him" for something other than a sock puppet.

NC said...
YC is Shalmo

Oh shit! ...ALLAHU AKBAR!

jewish philosopher said...

I thought I was Nathan's sock puppet.

Anonymous said...


Judaism has nothing to do with race. Judaism allows people to convert.

If you require proof that I am a real person, here is my email email me your fax and I'll fax you my ID.


YC said...

WOW! I am so convinced! JP set up a decoy email account. If I call his bluff will he use his fax machine to send me a fax from "Nathan" to my house?

Anonymous said...

What will happen is Nathan will fax you a copy of his ID along with the names of people you can contact.