Monday, February 07, 2011

Is Science Evil?

Science is the study of creation. Religion is our knowledge of the Creator. Therefore there is no conflict between science and religion. They are two entirely separate fields of knowledge, like let’s say plumbing and medicine.

There is only one generally accepted scientific theory, which I believe Judaism has a conflict with, and that is the concept of universal descent from a common ancestor. Judaism teaches that each kind was created separately. Scientists assume that since fossils show that different, more primitive forms of life have existed in the past, we must be descended from them. I have a different interpretation.

The only problem arises when scientists become carried away with their own importance and claim that nature is all there is. This is not science, but rather scientism. Let’s say a plumber would claim that medicine is bogus and all illnesses can be treated using wrenches and pipes - this is the absurdity of scientism. According to scientism, there is not and never will be a convincing explanation for the origin of the universe or the origin of life. There can also be no free will. We are all in reality robots, which is absurd.

Scientists have done a great deal of good. They have put man on the moon. They have also killed a few astronauts. But to say they know everything is like saying your plumber, since he did such a great job on the kitchen sink, knows everything so let’s use him for brain surgery too. Any sane person can see that science is not the whole story.


Shalmo said...

The purpose of the Tanakh is to provide meaning for liturgical purposes. Not history.

At one point jewry erronously used it to refer to history, but since israel archaeology and the sciences cannot be reconciled with the scriptures, it would be more reasonable for us to set aside their value as history and use them for spiritual purposes alone

NC said...

Not bad.

Its actually some philisophers who make this claim, not the scientists themselves.

Anonymous said...

I don't know, I think I would trust scientists before I trust some hook-nosed kike who can't even keep a job or finish school... but that's just me...

Anonymous said...

Why are you comparing plumbers to brain surgery? They are both a product of science. You should compare plumbers to a fairy tale.