Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The End of Hitchens

I just heard yesterday - Christopher Hitchens, outspoken advocate for atheism, is dying of cancer at the age of 61. Many years of smoking and drinking finally killed him.

How fitting that the man who poisoned millions of minds must now poison himself with chemotherapy.

So perish all Thine enemies, O LORD; but they that love Him be as the sun when he goeth forth in his might. Judges 5:31.


ksil said...

This guy was instrumental in showing people the light that ALL religions, gods and prophets, (zeus, jesus, mohamed, moses - take your pick) are all man made myths and fairy tales. That santa, the tooth fairy and abraham are all made up - some made up for children, others made up for adults.

Years ago, we had no idea how we got here, what makes things go, work move. Thank goodness we now know - science has taught us and we can drop (for good) the destructive ways of organized religion.

I only hope there are more like him waiting in the wings to fill his shoes once he is gone.

jewish philosopher said...

Hitchens is an obnoxious moron.

Here he describes infant circumcision as a wicked disgusting genital mutilation inflicted by Jews upon their children.

This took place on 1/29/2009.


The World Health Organization recommended male circumcision on 3/28/2007.


Good riddance to worthless garbage.

ksil said...


all of a sudden you care about science, data, research?!?!?

WHEN IT SUITS YOU! pick and choose.

i wonder how you deal with the WHO on contraception or other issues.

jewish philosopher said...

When have I ever disagreed with science? Hitchens is the anti-science nut apparently. The only things he ever believed in were tobacco and alcohol which have now killed him.

Anonymous said...

No matter my feelings about them or their beliefs and actions, I avoid celebrating the suffering and/or death of any Jew. We have collectively suffered enough. Check yourself please.

jewish philosopher said...

I doubt he's Jewish; his brother doesn't think so


not that it matters anyway.

Anonymous said...

You know when you are a nurse you are going to have to care for people regardless of their beliefs, right?

jewish philosopher said...

And when I am a grocery store owner I am going to have to sell food to people regardless of their beliefs. So?

Anonymous said...


People used to think that the Universe was infinitely old. Now they know that it had an origin that closely parallels B'reshis that can't be explained by the known laws of science. They used to think that inanimate matter can turn to life. Now we know that that can't happen. Science is having a hard time explaining the origin of life. So science is not letting us drop religion. Just the opposite.

Now, Hitchins drank and smoked himslef into cancer. So he wasn't saved from any destructive influences. And all the studies show that self destructive behavior like Hitchen's drunkeness is less common among religious people, so that can't be the destructive ways of religion.

If you mean religiously motivated wars and massacres, then history tells us that the worst mass murderers were atheists, a disproportionate numbers of mass murderers were atheists, and every time atheists run a country, they commit mass murder. So if religion is destructive, atheism is even more destructive.

Yeshivish said...

A few Years ago I saw Hitchens On FOX NEWS gloating about the death of Rev. Falwell. I thought he was an animal for doing so. I feel no different about you. The Torah is supposed to help you grow as a human being. Enjoying other people's is absolutely disgusting.

jewish philosopher said...

I guess you're also disgusted with the prophetess Deborah


Sounds like you need a new yeshivah, Mr Phony Yeshivish.

In any case I'm not very happy Hitchens is dying now; it's a shame it didn't happen 61 years earlier.

However we do learn an important lesson from this. The righteous do not necessarily suffer while the wicked prosper. The wicked suffer quite a lot, even in this world.

Yeshivish said...

Its amazing how similar Atheists and Fundamentalists are at reading Tanach.

jewish philosopher said...

It's worth cracking open sometime.

Yeshivish said...


Anonymous said...

jewish philosopher said...
"It's worth cracking open sometime."

And just slightly better than the crack-pipe that fuels your delusionary stupor.

jewish philosopher said...

Excuse me dear anonymous commentator, however did I just detect a hint of disrespect aimed at My Holiness? Shame on you.

And by the way, don't you think Hitchens, with his lifestyle, didn't snort a ton of cocaine? Please.

That's the cool thing about a famous atheist dying - now, with no lawsuits to worry about, his friends and relatives can finally speak up. Look at John Lennon or
Madalyn Murray O'Hair.



Hutchins first wife, whom he dumped for another woman while she was pregnant with their second child, I'm sure has a few insights.


Anonymous said...

How long ago did you convert? Because you still read the bible like a Christian. Need I remind you of the Midrash where HaShem chastised those who were celebrating the deaths of the Egyptians at the bank of the Yam Suf? We should not the destruction of any single solitary member of the crowd of creation, no matter how much we dislike them.

jewish philosopher said...

I guess Christians wrote the Jewish prayer book too:

Let there be no hope for informers, and may all the heretics and all the wicked instantly perish; may all the enemies of Your people be speedily extirpated; and may You swiftly uproot, break, crush and subdue the reign of wickedness speedily in our days. Blessed are You L-rd, who crushes enemies and subdues the wicked.


About the Red Sea, didn't Moses and the Israelites joyously sing:

 And in the greatness of Thine excellency Thou overthrowest them that rise up against Thee; Thou sendest forth Thy wrath, it consumeth them as stubble.


Anonymous said...

Christians certainly didn't write the Jewish Prayer Book, but they censored it enough! And that paragraph asks that God destroy our enemies; it says nothing to our celebrating their suffering or deaths. And at the Red Sea, Moses and the Israelites along with the angels were chastised by God for celebrating thusly. For it was a tragedy that He had to destroy some of his beautiful creations, no matter the reason.

jewish philosopher said...

"it says nothing to our celebrating their suffering or deaths."

Unfortunately, many are not dead, but we're hoping.

"Moses and the Israelites along with the angels were chastised by God for celebrating thusly"

Source please?

Anonymous said...

basic knowledge

jewish philosopher said...

Actually, the Talmud Megillah 10b states:

ואמר רבי יוחנן מאי דכתיב (שמות יד) ולא קרב זה אל זה כל הלילה בקשו מלאכי השרת לומר שירה אמר הקב"ה מעשה ידי טובעין בים ואתם אומרים שירה אמר רבי אלעזר הוא אינו שש אבל אחרים משיש ודיקא נמי דכתיב כן ישיש ולא כתיב ישוש שמע מינה


"God does not rejoice in the fall of the wicked, however He make others rejoice"

Therefore, it would seem entirely appropriate for me to rejoice in the fall of Hitchens, as the Israelites rejoiced in fall of the Egyptians or as Deborah rejoiced in the fall of Sisera.

This concept is also reflected in practical Jewish law. When a Jewish heretic dies, his relatives must celebrate his death (Yoreh De'ah , 345, 5)

So in any case, as we see, God's lack of joy when the wicked are destroyed and His rebuke to the angels at the Red Sea has nothing to do with our rejoicing when the wicked fall.

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to know whether or not you've been accepted into another nursing program. If so, are they aware of your blog? Even a school with fundamentalist Christian beliefs may potentially have issues with your blog for the simple reason that you believe Christians are idolators and "wicked".

Also, do you have a Rav who you discuss your beliefs with?

jewish philosopher said...

I would probably only be accepted to schools which allow Jews.

I have been fortunate enough to discuss my beliefs with many rabbis. The Steipler for one had a big influence on me.

Law mom said...

Since you have a link to Aish.com:


There is but one True Judge - and it is not you.

If you suddenly declare that cancer in one person is obviously a divine punishment - well, what does that say about the parents of people close to me who also died of cancer around the same age?

My rabbis have been very explicit about the fact that (a) we do not have Divine Wisdom and therefore do not know the full reasons behind any particular suffering these days, and (b) it is not our role to judge those that suffer, but to do everything in our power to respond with compassion to our fellow human beings - for example, it is forbidden to say "a righteous person would never experience poverty and hunger" instead of providing someone with tzedakah (food and money).

I have no idea how Hitchens may ultimately be judged. It is possible that he is a tinok shenishba (akin to a child stolen at birth, since he did not have a Jewish upbringing).

jewish philosopher said...

Mommy, in spite of the endless Talmudic passages condemning atheism and heresy in the strongest terms possible, making it clear how much we must despise such people, you will continue to accept them as being "not bad" because you in fact have been influenced by atheism yourself. You therefore view these despicable degenerates as being pretty much OK.

Todd said...

A brilliant man facing his death with courage and dignity. Would that most of us will do half as well.

jewish philosopher said...

An old fool whom mankind will at last be rid of.