Sunday, October 31, 2010

Finding the Secret Atheist Care of Apple!

Apple offers a new service for the iPhone and iPad called Find My iPhone. This will allow you to track the location of your iPhone or iPad.

So let's say you're suspicious about what a member of your family is up to. Just get them an iPhone and enable Mobile Me. You can then track exactly where they are 24/7.


BrooklynWolf said...

While one can certainly debate the merits (or lack) of this type of service, I fail to see the relevance here to atheists.

The Wolf

jewish philosopher said...

Potential and confirmed atheists are known to frequent certain types of venues.

Find My iPhone will tell. Is he really working late, or not?

Brian Westley said...

From reading your link, it sounds like Hasidic Jews also frequent the same venues.

Of course, since you're a lunatic, you can answer with more world salad.

Anonymous said...

Or is he researching websites on arsenic poisoning to kill a few homosexuals in the community or the school from whence he was expelled.
If You are using an iPhone, the law should mandate that service for you. Similar to ankle bracelet that courts use to keep track of assorted miscreants. Our communities need to be protected from potential murderers like you.
BTW, how's your wife's divorce against you progressing?
Are your children still being mocked for having a crackpot father ?
What a rachmunis.

jewish philosopher said...

"Hasidic Jews also frequent the same venues"

No, sleazy traitors who still dress like Hassidic Jews.

"Or is he researching websites on arsenic poisoning to kill a few homosexuals in the community or the school from whence he was expelled."

Excuse me, however it would appear that the homosexuals are ruthless killers, not I.

That is when they aren't busy killing themselves, something much more constructive.

"BTW, how's your wife's divorce"

BTW, does any woman want to live with you? Are you going to marry another man instead?

Brian Westley said...

No, sleazy traitors who still dress like Hassidic Jews.

The usual "no true Scotsman" fallacy. Yawn.

For a self-aggrandizing "philosopher," you and logic are not even passing acquaintances.

jewish philosopher said...

Brian, apparently you don't realize this, however the word "Hassid" means "extremely pious". By definition men who patronize strip clubs are not Hassidic.

"For a self-aggrandizing "philosopher"

Now the "appeal to ridicule".

Anonymous said...

As a lawyer, it is my experience that family court judges take a dim view of secret surveillance techniques. I've seen it backfire, as it tends to confirm that someone is an obsessive control freak.

jewish philosopher said...

I think various types of survellience and also lie detector testing are often used when adultery is suspected.

Also, this would work with ones children, not only a spouse.

Anonymous said...

Someone voluntarily submitting to a lie detector test is another issue.

Look up 2007 CanLII 13497 (ON S.C.)to see an example of a family court judge slamming a parent for hiring a private investigator, which was seen as evidence that the parent was consumed with anger and bitterness, to the detriment of their parenting ability.

Legal issues aside, open and honest communications with loved ones - which should be the hallmarki of any healthy relationship - yield better results.

jewish philosopher said...

The last thing secret atheists are interested in openess and honesty. Read some of their blogs out there.

If someone would suspect that his child or spouse were a drug dealer he might want to investigate. Heart to heart talks may not cut it. Same with atheism.

Symgood said...

Out of curiousity, why your sudden interest in tracking devices? Do you wish to monitor your wife's activities to make sure she is not cheating on you with a man who is not a latent homosexual like her husband?