Friday, December 25, 2009

What Scientists are Really Doing

[a little carried away perhaps]

One statement which I frequently hear made by Jewish heretics is “Do we really live in a world where to admit that the global consensus of academic research might just be right is such a terrible thing? Is that the kind of world we have to live in? Is it?”

In other words, since most professors and scientists are not Orthodox Jews, then obviously Orthodox Judaism is false. I have a feeling this is really the main "argument" which Orthodox Jews who convert to atheism tell themselves to rationalize what they are doing.

First of all, this is a logical fallacy known as an "appeal to authority". The fact that an authority says something does not necessarily make it so. We know from history that most professors three hundred years ago were devout Christians and most professors a century ago were socialists. We know that most of the attendees of the Wannsee Conference which planned the Holocaust held doctorates.

Recently I read something which made me wonder a little more about what our great intellectuals are actually doing. A report from the National Science Foundation says employees were watching, downloading and e-mailing porn, sometimes for significant portions of their workdays, and over periods of months or even years. In one particularly egregious case, the report says one NSF “senior official” was discovered to have spent as much as 20 percent of his working hours over a two-year interval “viewing sexually explicit images and engaging in sexually explicit online ‘chats’ with various women.” Investigators calculated the value of the time lost at more than $58,000 — for that employee alone.

It sounds like a few of our distinguished academics should be checking into Dr. Drew's Sex Rehab.

It remains my belief that any honest, sober person who reviews the evidence will quickly be convinced of the truth of Orthodox Judaism. How many academics that includes may be very few.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Higher Power as I Understand Him

[infinity symbol]

He is infinite - in regards to time, space and strength.
He is eternal, He is everywhere and He does everything.
He has no physical form and His nature is entirely beyond our comprehension.
[The essence of idolatry is the belief that God has some physical form or nature that can be understood by us.]

What He does:
He creates everything.
He controls everything.
He knows everything.

What He does not do:
He does not make mistakes.
He does not have conflicting emotions.
He does not cause pain unjustly.

In summary: He is the Perfect Giving Being.

Man's task: to emulate in a miniature way this Perfect Giving Being. "Coming closer to God", "cleaving to God" etc. means imitating God in our small way.

In addition to this, I believe that it is correct to say that the universe in comparison to God is like a human thought in comparison to a physical object. God's reality is on a different plane than ours. We are merely imaginary in comparison to Him.

I would also like to point out that obviously God's motives are unfathomable to mere mortals. Asking questions about why God commanded this and not that, created this and not that or why He even created anything at all can not be answered, any more than a flea can attempt to understand the motives of a human.

[This post is based on the 13 Principles of Faith, Hilchos Yesodei HaTorah by Maimonides and Derech Hashem by Rabbi Moshe Chaim Lutzatto.]

Monday, December 14, 2009

Atheism is Irrational and It's Bad for You

[just like any addictive drug]

“I once asked the eloquent and personable paleontologist Niles Eldredge whether he knew of any case in which the formation of a new species had ever been documented. I told him I’d be satisfied if his example were drawn from the laboratory, from the field, or from observations from the fossil record. He could muster only one good example: Theodosius Dobzhansky’s experiments with Drosophila, the fruit fly.”

Symbiotic Planet” by Lynn Margulis page 7

According to evolutionists, billions of new species have evolved on earth yet only one case has ever been documented; a minor variant of the fruit fly produced artificially in a laboratory. All other speciation events have successfully succeeding in concealing themselves from human eyes.

“People who believe in God are happier than those who don’t. A study shows that the faithful are less likely to abuse drugs, commit crimes or kill themselves.”

Some Dark Thought on Happiness” by Jennifer Senior (who is an atheist) in New York magazine 7/17/2006 page 30

According to atheists, the human mind has apparently evolved in such a way that we can only be happy if we believe in a fantasy. Is that reasonable?

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Look at the World with Innocent Eyes

I sometimes think: What would a person logically think about this world if he would wake up one day completely innocent, with no prejudices or preconceptions, unbiased by previous commitments and external influences? What conclusions would he reach? I imagine the answer would be something like this.

He would look at himself in the mirror. He would be overwhelmed by the functioning of all parts of his body – the eyes which provide vision, the ears which provide hearing, the hands which grasp and the feet which walk. He would breath in the fresh air, filling his lungs with life-giving gases. He would see the sun rising and bringing light and warmth to the earth. He would be naturally curious: Who created all this?

The obvious step would be to go to the library and ask the librarian: “Has the creator of the universe ever publicly revealed himself to mankind and told us who he is?”

The librarian would think for a moment and answer: “Yes. There was in fact one such incident documented as having taken place over three thousand years ago.” Then she would open a Bible and show him Exodus 20.

The next question would be: “Are there any people alive today who are descended from those people who received the revelation at Mt. Sinai and who still observe those commandments?”

The librarian would answer, “Yes; there are.” And hand him a telephone book yellow pages open to the page of Orthodox rabbis.

It's really that simple.