Wednesday, June 03, 2009

It's about time.

[a new book]


Originally From Brooklyn said...

Does this mean that the world will now be converting to Orthodox Judaism, the only real True religion?

jewish philosopher said...

Judaism actually discourages converts.

However I like to think that in my own small way, I am contributing to the renaissance of monotheism.

Shalmo said...

Judaism may be monotheistic today but it still has quite a few side-burns from its pagan heritage

The numerous references to other gods say enough. In Job 26 rather than creating the universe ex-nihilo Yahweh fashions the earth in conflict with the dragon sea god called Rahab.

Ex. says Yahweh brought the Jews out of Egypt so that they would stop worshipping other gods ("ye shall have no gods but me" not other gods don't exist)

When we examine texts like in Ezekial's vision where he sees God coming and ridding on a chariot, an experience all of second temple Judea was enamored with, it further refutes anyone daring to say judaism is absolutely monotheistic

in fact this zeus/odin type conception of Yahweh is likely what fueled christianity and its development of messiah/Jesus as God; a god who is a man that is

Judaism and Christianity both are midway between paganism/monotheism

Its religions like Islam, sikhism and certain monotheistic strands of hinduism that are absolutely monotheistic.

I'm certain there is a God, but I am also certain its not the Judeo-Christian conception either

Interestingly, since in both birth rate and in conversion rates Islam is the fastest growing religion on the planet, this may indeed mean that mankind is now reaching a common belief in absolute monotheism. Time will tell

However I do not feel religion is making a comeback as this book says

If anything in the West religion is dying. In Europe the majority of the population is atheist/agnostic. In the US over 20% of people are now in the same category and its likely to double in the next decade.

In Israel there are also massive droves of orthodox/ultra-orthodox now running away from their fundamentalist homes. Its so common nowadays to see a former haredi or hasid on the streets of Tel Aviv with shirts saying "I eat everything, I fuck everything".

If anything its Judaism and Christianity that are now headed for doomed extinction.

Even here in Canada, 30% of the population are atheists, with student groups catered specifically for secular people growing in rapid pace.

With Christianity the thing is they are so busy sending missionaries overseas that they fail to realize the collapse of the religion happening in the US. If anything they should bring all the missionaries back home and try to re-christianize America.

Anonymous said...

This is interesting though somewhat off topic.

Thomas Fagen said...

God's Chosen People ...

Feeling the Hate In Jerusalem on Eve of Obama's Cairo Address

I know you won't post this because you're a coward. You haven't posted any of my other comments.

jewish philosopher said...

I have no idea what that video has to do with this blog.

First of all, I'm an American, not an Israeli. My family first came to this country in 1631; what about you?

Secondly, I'm not a Zionist

Thirdly, I voted for Obama

So I have no idea who you, what you are or how sober you are, but I think you're on the wrong blog.

President Obama has quite a few critics; you might want to check out some Muslims on that too.