Wednesday, June 03, 2009

God's Wisdom

[a page from the Aleppo Codex]

If our Creator would choose to write a book and deliver it to mankind, we would expect it to be a book of exceptional wisdom. The Torah is clearly such a book.

Monotheism greatly simplifies our understanding of the universe and originated in the Torah.

Altruism, the idea of caring for other people without getting anything in return, is something which brings great happiness to the world and originated in the Torah.

The concept of the weekend brings a welcome periodic respite from work and originated in the Torah.

Pleasure is psychologically necessary, however it's easy to slip into dangerous addictions. The Torah teaches us how to live a balanced life.

To help us to observe all the above, Judaism includes a total educational system.

The Torah is also the oldest book written using an alphabet.

Instead of being a meaningless story of violence, like for example the Iliad, the Torah is a book which more than any other has changed the world.


Leroy Walker said...

Too bad it contains stories like the Epic of Gilgamesh. I have more respect for those that came before Judaism. Why did the Pharisees have to steal the story?

jewish philosopher said...

No one stole it. The flood happened and everyone knew about it.

Shalmo said...

JP you do realize the Aleppo Codex is dated 10th century; which is like 800 years post Jesus

There is no way you could ever prove TMS with this, not to mention how I have repeatedly shown how gradual changes have come into the Torah when we compare texts like the masoretic with the LXX with the DSS and the samaritan version. When we examine the dates at which each of these texts were composed then the gradual changes make all the more sense, making TMS impossible

If we found Torahs before the DSS then they too would be closer in comparison to the DSS then to later texts like the MT and the LXX

and not to mention how on more than one occassion I have given you rabbinical opinions on the greater disorganization and corruption of the texts by your own rabbis. There is a reason today there isn't a single kosher Torah scroll with which we can have a Torah that is even remotely reliable.

Its a shame that Jews never had a hafiz system the way muslims have to preserve the Quran, if they did then you may have had a case

I'm sorry but the Nazi like racial theories in Genesis, or repeated genocides ordered by Yahweh make altruism hard to produce from the Torah

Monotheism did NOT originate with Judaism. No matter how many times you keep repeating this lie, it won't make it true.

monotheistic native americans, monotheistic hindus, Socrates, aristotle, and even the chinese concept of chi are all just a few examples of monotheism predating judaism. and unlike judaism's anthropormorphic zeus/odin like god, Yahweh, these people had already originated the concept of absolute monotheism (something Maimonides only plagarized centuries later from Islam into Judaism)

And no the torah is not the oldest books with writing in it either. You have repeated this lie too often as well. The Vedas are 4000-5000 years older than the Torah; that's how long they were around before Sinai

Next you may as well just repeat your national revelation or mass revelation proof argument, which also isn't unique to Judaism either as almost every pagan gods revealed himself through national revelation

hector said...

"Monotheism greatly simplifies our understanding of the universe and originated in the Torah."

By what criteria can we say that monotheism greatly simplified our understanding of the universe? I'm not saying the claim is wrong; I'm just asking, "how can we tell?"

jewish philosopher said...

"the Aleppo Codex is dated 10th century There is no way you could ever prove TMS with this"

I didn't say it does.

"By what criteria can we say that monotheism greatly simplified our understanding of the universe?"

Does the link I provide here help?

Anonymous said...

I'm happy to read that god is back.
Fortunately its not your god.
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jewish philosopher said...

I think the book is talking about the Biblical God.

topoftherise said... seems you need a little...Judaism is as syncretic as any has built on early traditions...Gilgamesh is but one of those...the question I pose is: if G-d exists, is he/she merciful? If not?? You have a problem:)

Now does G-d consider the pain and suffering of creation? mmmm!

jewish philosopher said...

Gilgamesh and the Torah both record an actual historical event: the Deluge, as do many other ancient traditions.

"if G-d exists, is he/she merciful?"

It depends.
The Talmud states R. Gamaliel Beribbi said: “And he shall give thee mercy, and have compassion upon thee, and multiply thee” He who is merciful to others, mercy is shown to him by Heaven, while he who is not merciful to others, mercy is not shown to him by Heaven.