Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A tiny machine


But don't "machines" always have an intelligent designer? Every watch has a watchmaker.


Anonymous said...

Oh joy and rapture! You've discovered the true meaning of life, the jewel of your existance. The mystery of god's benevolent idiocy has been revealed and bestowed upon you, his true believer. Rejoice and revel in the sublime stupor of the lord's magic. Fatuity will be your transcendent solace. And you will live in the house of the lord forever.

jewish philosopher said...

Let me mention that since I began writing this blog I have been receiving constantly comments from anonymous trolls like you to the this effect:

It is obvious that religion is irrational. Religion causes nothing but hatred and violence. If you do not realize this then you are insane.

This is the Gospel According to Richard Dawkins.

I have not been brainwashed to believe this gospel. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Somewhat OT but still interesting, so please pardon me:

A great deal is being made of this fossil lemuroid/protomonkey, Ida. But paleantologists are saying that it can't possibly be our ancestor. It just gives us some idea of what a protomonkey might have looked like. One paleantologist said that "it isn't our great, great, great grandmother. More like a great, great great aunt." The real ancestor is still missing. This keeps on happening whenever they find an ancestral or transitional species. It always turns out that the real ancestor is missing. he fossil they find is a actually a side branch that dies out. I recently read that it turns out that acanthostegia can't be ancestral to the icthyostegia, because its closer to the fully terrestral condition. But the acanthostegia was found in older strata, so the real ancestor is still missing.

alex said...

That diagram from Nature/Cell was really neat. For more along those lines I recommend the video here:

Anonymous said...

Please excuse my going off topic, but this is sort of interesting. A while back Mr.(Rabbi?) Stein posted a dialogue with one Kelly O'Connor, of the Rational Response Squad. Well, it seems that Ms. O'Connor has dissappeared, and has resurfaced in Las Vegas, where she is working as a prostitute. Of course these might be just unfounded rumors. But if they are true, it supports what JP has been saying all along. Just a thought.

jewish philosopher said...

I think the rumors are pretty founded.




Why am I not surprised?


Joseph said...

There is a distinction between the effects of human action and the effects of human design. Since God made Man in His image, wouldn't it follow that not every effect of divine action is a matter of God's plan?

jewish philosopher said...

I don't get it.