Sunday, May 17, 2009

New Atheists = New Nazis

[lyrics in German and English]

I cannot help but feel that there is a clear connection between Nazism and atheism. Nazis without exception accepted the core belief of atheism - that there does not exist a Biblical God and evolution created us. This belief then permits if not encourages the most extreme violence.

Even the best atheist today will condone the killing of unborn children. He will condone "gay rights" which has caused the AIDS epidemic and millions of deaths. He will condone "sexual freedom", which generally means telling women that you love them when you don't, and then dumping them when someone else comes along.

In all of this, it is easy to see a hint of the "death's head" symbol of the SS.

I think this can help us to appreciate the urgency of hunting down and eliminating these degenerates from the Orthodox community. How would we feel about sitting next to secret Nazis in our synagogues?


OTD said...

The only Nazis I know of that are alive today are you and Garnel.

bryce said...

You are better than Avishay Raviv! That agent provocateur has nothing on you!

alex said...

When you write "urgency," "hunting down," and "eliminating degenerates" in the same paragraph as Nazis, please tell me how to interpret that. Thanks.

Anonymous said...


"I think this can help us to appreciate the urgency of hunting down and eliminating these degenerates from the Orthodox community. How would we feel about sitting next to secret Nazis in our synagogues?"


jewish philosopher said...

Could this be a little buzzkill perhaps?

Yeshivish Atheist said...

Okay, it wasn't as good as when you came out with your hunting secret Atheists guide, but overall this is still a pretty good post.

Now for some constructive criticism:

You need to vary your posts more. You seem to be writing pretty much the same things over and over again. And while your posts are quite brilliant and funny, it does start to get old eventually. Try coming up with something new.

How about instead of just writing about outing atheists, try sponsoring some sort of reward for actually doing it. Like a contest or something.

Instead or writing about how evolution contradicts the torah, how about you sponsor an annual Darwin Book Burning or something.

I'm sure you can come up with some new material, if not, then you might as well just make new posts with noting but a link(s) back to some of your old posts.

Anonymous said...

In discussions I've had with atheists, when I mention that if they succeed in their goal of making the world atheistic, and if history is any indication, then we can expect to see a marked increase in mass murder, the response invariably is "but the motive for all the mass murder won't be antheism. I undertand them to be saying that more mass murder doesn't bother them, as long as the motive isn't atheism. They seem to be proving my pont with their rssponse.

Originally From Brooklyn said...

You make a very good point. I think Nazis have to be hunted down and killed. But you know what really categorizes a Nazi? Not his lack of God, and not evolution, of which many people are guilty of. The real characterization of a Nazi is someone who believes in Totalitarianism, where the state regulates every part of a person's life. Your conception of a perfect world approaches Nazism and Totalitarianism more than any atheist. The lack of belief in God may lead to tyranny, but it can also lead to secular humanism. Your hunt down and kill attitude approaches Nazism more than even your conception of standard atheist ideology.

Anonymous said...

Why debate an idiot like Jacob Stein?
Just ignore the ignoramous and eventualy he'll vanish.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Stein, you need to embrace Jesus. He;ll help you reduce your hate.

jewish philosopher said...

It looks like I'm getting a broad range of reactions to this one.

First of all, about more variety on this blog, I try not go too far from the theme of promoting Orthodox Judaism and to critique other ideologies, in particular atheism.

About my own alleged Fascist tendencies, I'm actually creating world peace.

Part of improving the world however involves destroying evil.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Stein,

Jesus is the answer. Place your faith in him, not in a fountainhead of enmity like the torah. Renounce the faith of your fathers who desired to extirminate the Amorites, Cananites, Jezubites, Hitites, Peruzites and Hivites. Or hundreds of thousands innocent Amaelekite women and children.
No Mr. Stein. Forsake your ultra-orthodoxy and place your trust in Jesus. He is the only one that can banish the demons that mercilessly torment your mind.

jewish philosopher said...

I have a couple of posts about Jewish violence which may be relevant.

"The lack of belief in God may lead to tyranny, but it can also lead to secular humanism."

Secular humanism is a transitional stage between either Christianity and Judaism on one hand and atheism on the other. Real atheists are psychopaths.

bryce said...

If someone goes out and kills an atheist*, and the cops trace the perpetrator's inspiration back to your blog (which I'm sure someone has already taken a screenshot of), will you be ready to appear in court?

*Perhaps we should include Hindus, too. They fit the "evil" category, too, I suppose, right? (Note to cops: I'm just trying to make a rhetorical point.)

jewish philosopher said...

No problem. We have a little thing called "freedom of speech" in the US.

Bill of Rights

Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Jr said...

You are great. I wonder if you converted in real life or whether you are just claiming to hace done it.

I would consider that taking the joke entirely too far but you do seem like a dediicated guy.

jewish philosopher said...

I love anonymous bloggers who wonder who I am. And who are you?

Anonymous said...

A Jew blaming Nazis for all of his problems again. Why don't Jews stop acting as parasites and then I could maybe consider you to be actual humans.