Thursday, December 04, 2008

A Famous Atheist

Reinhard Heydrich – Gestapo chief, friend of Hitler, organizer of the Holocaust, Nazi par excellence, yet also a warm family man and sensitive violinist who felt no guilt. A psychopath. And an atheist.

Was he merely a weird aberration? Or was he in some aspects a symbol of modernity – a pioneer of the narcissism of Generation Me?


Anonymous said...

There were some great scientists who were card carrying nazis. Werner Heisenberg won a Nobel prize. He spent the war years trying to develop an atomic bomb for Hitler. Had he been as good a researcher as he was a theoretician, he might have succeeded. Konrad Lorentz was also a Nobel prize winner. He spent the war years giving Nazi racial theories intellectual cover. Then there was Werner Von Braun who invented the science of ballistic rocketry from scratch. And lets not forget all those Nazi doctors like Doctor Mengele that performed gruesome experiments on people.

James F. Elliott said...

And the Irgun Gang were Jews and terrorists. I mean, seriously, the guilt-by-association game? Worst. Argument. Ever.

jewish philosopher said...

Ultra-Orthodox rabbis opposed Zionism, including the Irgun.

What I think is interesting is that it so easy to find atheistic mass murderers and serial killers, however not too many Orthodox Jewish murderers; almost none in fact. And where are all the atheistic saints and paragons of virtue? Strangely absent for some reason.

Anonymous said...

Vox Day, in "The Irrational Atheist" provides a list of 52 Atheistic murderers from the twentieth century alone. Each one was responsible for at least 20,000
non-martial murderers. There were actually more mass murderers, but they didn't make the cut because they didn't commit 20,000 murders. It seems that every time atheists run a country, we wind up with mass murder.

Anonymous said...

If all psychopaths are atheists, does that make all atheists psychopaths?

What about the religious psychopaths?

Charles Manson is not an atheist.

Anonymous said...

The mass murderers and killers are not killers because they are atheists, they are atheists because they are killers. It is their nature not to believe. They have no consciences. They feel no guilt, because that's the way God made them. It's hardwired in their brains.

Maybe they add balance to the Force. After all, how would you know that you were so super righteous if they weren't so opposite?

Does your religion welcome killers to join? No, you believe in killing them, don't you? Why would they want to be part of your group? This is why psychos aren't Orthodox Jews; hence there are no Orthodox Jewish psychos of note.

jewish philosopher said...

I don't think you have to be an atheist to be a psychopath, however I think it helps. Let's say that atheism encourages psychopathy like smoking encourages cancer.

Anonymous said...

K said...
"The mass murderers and killers are not killers because they are atheists, they are atheists because they are killers."

The oppression of religion was the official policy of the Soviets and the Communist Chinese. So spreadng atheism was a factor in at last some of the tens of millions of murders commited by Stalin and Mao.

James F. Elliott said...

Truly you have a dizzying intellect. Based on your reasoning, I conclude that Orthodox Jews must be mentally ill and intellectually deficient. After all, you are, and you're an Orthodox Jew.

Anonymous said...

Stalin also helped stop the Nazis.

From Wickipedia:
"Bearing the brunt of the Nazis' attacks, the Soviet Union under Stalin made the largest and most decisive contribution to the defeat of Nazi Germany during World War II"

Have you read what Stuart has to say about Hitler, Stalin, and Mao not being atheists?

1LTLos said...

No K this is what they chose for themselves to be - worthless non-contributors. Were you even born when Charles Manson and his drugged and mind fucked gang of ladies committed his murders? You forget that Charles Manson had two things - a generation that was turning from tradition (Turn On, Tune in, Drop Out!) and second, to the Experimentation with drugs.
You must not know how UN-FUN it was to attend a University and rub elbows with both, greasy professors and scummy students all in drugged out stupors! I had very little joy in attending a campus that was detached from any semblance of reality and rationality! For my sanity, I went into the military instead. Is Charles Manson an atheist? He chose to be. For first K, you have to believe that God exists before you can turn your back on Him. God warns us all against doing so but because Chuck Manson is who he is I am sure he does not need nor have time for God - till the moment his life begins to slip away that is. Then the first word out of Charles Manson's mouth at that time will be "Oh God!" Mark my words and that goes K, for you too!
Charles Manson should die because he is a murderer or an agent and accessory to mass murder of innocent people. Your logic is childish and stupid. How can you hide behind the acts of a man whose judgment is so impaired, he cannot call up mercy for a pregnant woman and her husband over committal of his premeditated murderous acts?
This makes your hero all the more a sociopath, more murderous and most disgusting. Have you ever had a good friend or a co-worker directly lie to you? Is not hearing a lie bad enough? And you reach to poorly rationalize with inexcusable Charles Manson, his unacceptable conducts and your guilt! Mark my words - you too will cry out for God to save you, you just dont know that yet K.

jewish philosopher said...

"Orthodox Jews must be mentally ill"

Somehow just telling people you disagree with that they are insane doesn't seem like the most convincing argument. Why not try "possessed by the Devil".

jewish philosopher said...

"Stalin also helped stop the Nazis."

Not for humanitarian reasons, but rather because they wanted to kill him.

"Hitler, Stalin, and Mao not being atheists"

None of them ever prayed as adults as far as I know.

Anonymous said...


I just read what Stuarrt said. Yes, Hitler was a theist, but he made it abundantly clear from chapter 13 of "Mien Kampf" to the end of the book that his core belief system, his religion, was Darwinism. And as far as Stalin and Mao were concerned, Stuart sdaid that they weren't atheists because they deified themselves. So they did deny the existance of God. Adn he also said that they killed less people than religious people did. That is just plain incorrect.

Anonymous said...

JP - you have a nasty little habit of using the Nazis to prove your point. The Holocaust was a singular occurrence unmatched in magnitude. It should not be frequently co-opted to support your position in arguments. Any analogy equating atheists with Nazis, people who leave Orthodox Judaism with Nazis - no matter how tentative is wrong, devalues your argument and alienates anyone not already convinced of your view. Stop it.

On your post about snooping to see if people really are frum - ever read 1984? Because that's what you're advocating. The days when religions had the power to persecute heretics are long behind us in the free world.

In conclusion, watch the fascination with Nazism and watch your own totalitarian tedencies!

jewish philosopher said...

Any analogy equating atheists with Nazis"

I am not making any analogy. Heydrich was a Nazi and he was an atheist.

"ever read 1984? Because that's what you're advocating."

If you are living in my home, attending services in my synagogue or going to a private school with my child, and you are an atheist, then I want you out of that home, synagogue or school. Atheists have no right to secretly and deceitfully infiltrate our community. Enough is enough and we won't take this anymore.

Anonymous said...

Your comments about Atheists are based on bigotry and ignorance.

See how your comment feels if I replace Atheist with Jew:

"If you are living in my home, attending services in my PLACE OF WORSHIP or going to a private school with my child, and you are a JEW, then I want you out of that home, PLACE OF WORSHIP or school. JEWS have no right to secretly and deceitfully infiltrate our community. Enough is enough and we won't take this anymore."

On a side-note: Hitler was a theists, and there is no proof that Stalin nor Mao were atheists or otherwise. Their religious beliefs are not fully known at this time. Reinhard Heydrich was raised a Catholic, but left the church late in his life. That does not mean he became an Atheists. You need to do better research.

Moreover, I would argue that more people have been killed by theists throughout history than by atheists.

I would recommend you express more love and acceptance in your life.

jewish philosopher said...

I recommend you look at the good side of hatred.