Thursday, September 11, 2008

Seven Years Ago

This is the message the Muslims sent us in the morning.

This should have happened in Mecca and Medina in the afternoon.

It is still not too late. Burn baby, burn.


Anonymous said...

Oh, OK. You want other human beings to die. You are insane.

jewish philosopher said...

I want justice.

david said...

I think it is worth pointing out that I have quiet a few Muslim friends, none of who think that what happened that day was a good thing. I know your going to brush this point off as rubbish but this style of Islam is not by any means the dominant one.
You will be much more effective promoting your views if rather than drawing rediculous stereotypes and claiming them to be the norm, you showed us why other idiologies are flawed and Judaism is correct.

jewish philosopher said...

True, Muslim attitudes towards terrorism vary. The same was true of German attitudes towards Nazism. That did not stop the Allies from bombing.

Anonymous said...

So what ? Allies were in state of war with Nazi Germany. It was not justice or retribution, just war.

How its justice - to kill innocent people of Islam because of terrorist?

jewish philosopher said...

Muslims are using violence in an effort to spread their religion. They will stop when they see that it is having a negative affect.

Anonymous said...

OK Lets see. Are your seeking "justice" or just a way to "stop them"?


1) Not every muslim use force. Terrorist wahhabites are.

2) It will NOT stop anybody. Terrorists are by definiton ready to sacrifice lives (theirs and others).

3) Such barbarious acts will only add to the numbers of terrorists.

jewish philosopher said...

Not every German was a Nazi. And bombing Germany did help stop them.

Anonymous said...

Not every German was a Nazi, but Germany was under a Nazi regime.
Winning the war helped to overturn this regime. Bombing Germany was a part of that war.

Is Saudi arabia governed by Al-Qaeda terrorists? I dont understand.

And sorry to say, but for orthodox Jew to suggest USA should open total war on all islamic world is both unrealistic and utterly irresponsible. And its very sad because othervise you have an excellent site.

jewish philosopher said...

Islam has declared war on us. Now it's a question of who will win.

How did most Muslims react to 9/11? What do they think of Osama?