Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Evolution – Proven!

[On her way up the ladder of life.]

One thing which surprises me is that evolutionary biologists constantly cite the beak of the Galapagos finch as being a prime example of evolution.

The truth is, we can see within our own species noticeable evolutionary change – the expansion of human waistline in more developed countries. This change is in response to environmental circumstances, such as the presence of fast food restaurants and soft drinks.

There seems to be an increasing trend for fat people to mate with fat people, having fatter children. This is clearly a step toward speciation.

The result of this will probably be an tendency toward quadrupedalism, as people will need four legs to support their massive weight. This will be the human elephant. Eventually, we may even see a return to the ocean and evolution of a truly aquatic human whale (see photo above). Just give the process another few million years.


Anonymous said...

Um, no that isn't how evolution works. It is about how likely one is to mate and have children.

Look at that picture and think about it.

jewish philosopher said...

This actually is how evolution is supposed to work. There is a change in environment which causes a change in the structure of organisms. The changes continue to increase until a new species develops. It sounds ridiculous because evolution really is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Once again, no you have it wrong. That is NOT how evolution works. By doing reducto ad absurdum, you are deliberately not paying attention to the point "most likely to pass on its genes" which is the most salient aspect of understanding of evolution as a scientific prosees, not some magical transformation.

jewish philosopher said...

Evolution means that in response to changes in the environment, animals gradually change in form. This is allegedly what caused fish to become reptiles and reptiles to become mammals and it surely could cause people to become elephants and whales, provided enough deep fried food is available. This sounds ridiculous because evolution itself is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

I am a different anonymous person than the one above.

I find your blog very interesting and the above post hilarious.

And the first person to comment just shows how annoying it is to try to communicate with pseudo-intellectual evolution proponents who can't even stick to the tenets of their own theory but have to constantly argue against anyone who disbelieves without even knowing what they're talking about. It amazes me how resistant to logic even very intelligent people become once they embrace the slippery nonsense of this bizarre theory. I think it is more a fascinating study of psychology that they become so weird in their thinking than it is anything of merit in the world of biology.

jewish philosopher said...

Evolution is an almost essential component of atheism - it's virtually the atheistic creator god. An atheist must therefore insist at all cost that "evolution is a fact".

Anonymous said...

Your comparison is ridiculuos, the reason people are fat is because they eat alot (generaly) a persons genetic makeup does not change as he gains weight.

The thing that changes animals from one species to another is genetic mutations - certain ones add up because they are beneficial

The offspring keep being produced with mutations who in turn produce offspring with whatever mutation they have with mutation also, if this process continues, you will end up with an animal so diffrent then the species it started off from that you will call it a diffrent species.

Anonymous said...

Jp, said "provided enough deep fried food is available"

Eating deep fried food does not change your genetic makeup

jewish philosopher said...

Future human evolution makes as much sense as any other evolution.

The environment changes (junk food appears), individuals adapt (get fatter and fatter), eventually forming new species (human elephant, human whale).

Anonymous said...

Again you miss the point,

Junk food does not increase the chances of reproduction
in those people who's genes would make them obese.

You said "Future human evolution makes as much sense as any other evolution."

Nobody said it doesn't.