Sunday, August 03, 2008

The Eternal Jews

Emily Dickinson

Opinion is a flitting thing, But Truth, outlasts the Sun poem 1455

This verse by Emily Dickinson explains why we are still here when so many other religions and philosophies have come and gone.


Anonymous said...

Christianity: 2000 years later, 2.1 billion members

Islam: 1400 years later, 1.5 billion members

Judaism: 3500 years later, 14 million members(the vast majority of whom are not observant)

Doesn't seem like such a compelling argument.

jewish philosopher said...

I think that the observant Jewish population has consistently hovered at about two or three million.

Christianity includes dozens of major sects and even the most stable ones are constantly changing. Islam may have been pretty stable for the past 1,400 years or so, less than half the age of Judaism. It also happens to closely imitate Judaism.