Sunday, July 27, 2008

Useful Idiots

In the same way that the French and British naively trusted Hitler and signed the Munich Agreement, so today Roman Catholics and modern Orthodox Jews naively trust atheists and accept evolution.


Larry Tanner said...


This seems a bit of an overstatement to me. Can you elaborate on what make the comparison valid.

What do you say to those who thoroughly research the questions and answers of evolution and intelligent design, and then find agreement with more of the conclusions of science?

At the end of the day, what does it matter if I conclude that the merits of the scientific arguments outweigh (at this time) those of the Rabbis on the matter of the naturalistic origins and development of the universe and life? Can I not still serve HaShem?

If we find that HaShem may reside in only one, little rock on a nondescript beach, will that mean there's not enough G-d in the universe for us?

jewish philosopher said...

The comparison I'm making is that just like the French and British believed that Hitler was a honest man who could be trusted, so today the Catholics and modern Orthodox believe that the atheists are honest men.

Larry Tanner said...

OK, so you claim the atheists to be dishonest? How so?

jewish philosopher said...

What could have made anyone think the Nazis were dishonest?

Larry Tanner said...

Let's talk about the Nazis later. My question has to do with the atheists, and it still stands. I'm not trying to give you a hard time, I just want to understand your reasoning ....


jewish philosopher said...

I have a link here to a post about evolution which may be helpful.

DrJ said...

JP, It seems that you've degenerated to your old ad hominem arguments. Your blog in a nutshell:

atheists=immoral perverts and drunks

skeptics= sexual addicts

bible critics=holocaust deniers

evolutionary scientists=nazi liars

modern religionists=nazi appeasers.

Not the way I would go about demonstrating the sanity and rationality of Orthodox Judaism.

jewish philosopher said...

DrJ, I'm glad someone is reading my blog!

Anonymous said...

"so today Roman Catholics and modern Orthodox Jews naively trust atheists and accept evolution."

May I ask what percentage of each? I can't tell if you mean "some" or "all". A percentage would be more helpful than those words anyway. Thanks.

Also, I suppose you mean amoeba-to-man type evolution, and not finch-beaks-getting-longer type evolution, right? Again, thanks.

jewish philosopher said...

Evolution seems to be the official position of the Roman Catholic Church and modern Orthodox Judaism. I'm referring basically to "people are descended from monkeys not Adam and Eve" evolution.