Thursday, July 17, 2008

Manna From Heaven

On the way into work this morning, I stopped at a deli across the street and bought a banana for breakfast.

Taking it in my hand, I realized what a miracle this is. The fruit is nutritious, delicious and satisfying. Together with some water it can be an entire meal by itself. Most remarkable of all, it comes packaged in an attractive, easily removed wrapper, which is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Let's just take a moment and thank God for this gift.


Anonymous said...

This may be the most ironic post you've ever had. Ray Comfort, a televangelist and I believe an ethnic Jew, made a video all about bananas being evidence of intelligent design.

It's become one of the most ridiculed videos on the internet and the argument has been repudiated by Comfort. Here's the link.

So basically, everyone who has mocked this tripe is also mocking you too! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Tallyman says that the banana is attractive, delicious and satisfying because it has been engineered by humans to be so. Natural bananas have big black inedible seeds and the taste is a bit harsher, but an acquired taste. Did you not ever wonder how bananas are grown if the fruit has no seeds?

And the wrapper is biodegradable, because it is biological, like every other fruit and vegetable. Is it a wonder that something grows on a tree is biodegradable?

What exactly is your point? Amazingly, just ran a piece about how evangelicals use the banana to "prove" the anthropic principle, sans the facts that I have provided here. They concluded that it would be a good parody for the types of arguments that evangelicals make, similar to what is on this site. Interesting coincidence.

jewish philosopher said...

Of course it's ridiculed. If people are addicted to sex what are they going to do, say "Oh, yeah, that's it, the banana proves that I have to lead a moral, Godly life!" Sure.

Do you expect all the evidence that marijuana will kill you is going to put the "medicinal" marijuana movement out of business? They'll just deny it.

Regarding the banana being artificial, it has probably been improved a bit by selective breeding. However is there a scientist anywhere who can take hydrogen, carbon, oxygen, phosphorus, etc and make a banana, or make anything edible? 99% is natural.

Take a peek at the level of people who are critical of this argument.

Anonymous said...

I meant only to say that the things that make a banana attractive, those qualities which you extol, are not found in "god's" natural growing bananas. When man speeds up the process of natural selection, as you point out in your comment, we have a product that we made more to suit us.

I have also been looking at your treatises on evolution and other stuff. "Monkey myth", "infinite monkey theorem", atheists are driven by sex alone, "the Torah proves that God exists" because "the Torah says so", priceless stuff. Some of your "arguments" are terrific parodies of stuff that actual fundies propose in all seriousness. You even parody the typical attitudes of fundies, the vague retreats to "rationality" which disintegrate to the touch, the racism (especially liked "Genocide, why I support it" and "If God doesn't love you then why should I", the sexism, the Draconian theodicy. You must really have alot of bitterness toward theists. Personally, it took me some time, but I got over it and am able to share a world with them. Oh well, back to my addictions, you know how "us people" are. Good luck.

jewish philosopher said...

Wild bananas contain many pits; commercially sold bananas are seedless. That’s basically the only difference. I think everything in this post is accurate.

You can rant all you want if that helps you somehow, however the facts are quite clear.

On the average, Orthodox Jews are happier than atheists, more sober than atheists and nicer people than atheists. In addition, Orthodox Judaism is more rational than atheism.

As far as what motivates a few pathetic traitors to choose atheism over Orthodox Judaism, I think that’s pretty obvious.

Anonymous said...

Mmmm, I could go for a banana about now. I think R' A.M. would enjoy your post.

Anonymous said...

They nicer and kinder and soberer. This must be due to their fine qualities, like overpowering will to destroy and dominate those who grew up with a different deity tradition than they did, like the desire to purify the world by forbidding knowledge of anything other than "approved" thoughts, like Vodka, ahhhhh a bissl shnopps far a kiddush. Gut, nach einer bitte.

(This is the best of genre that I have seen. Refugees from Christianity should put up sites like this. One great parody is worth a thousand hours of reasoning with the willingly, joyously blind.

jewish philosopher said...

Go ahead, have another drink. You're good.