Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Greatest Book Ever Written

The Torah is the first book to advocate monotheism.

The Torah is the first book to advocate altruism.

The Torah is the first book to advocate one day of rest every seven days.

The Torah is the first book to be written using an alphabet. (The first two letters of the Hebrew alphabet are “aleph” and “bayt”.)

These are ideas that have since been accepted by the majority of humanity. No other book contains so many important and original ideas. Is it hard to believe that God wrote it?


Anonymous said...

"The Torah is the first book to be written using an alphabet."

Wouldn't it be exciting to read The Book of Wars - Num. 21:14 ? I'm so curious what it looked like.

Anonymous said...

I see that you have taken to deleting all of my comments. Was it something I "said"?

jewish philosopher said...

Are you asking me why I don't bother to publish and therefore respond to the comments of every obnoxious moron who wants to make fun of a rabbi? Is that actually your question?

Anonymous said...

1. Monotheism was around LONG before the Torah. Many greek philosophers like Socrates and Plato had come up with it. There are monotheistic hindus in India who predate Judaism by around a 1000 years

2. The Torah doesn't advocate altruism. All those verses about killing little boys and pregnant women, while keeping virgins for yourself is NOT altruistic. The Torah btw is filled with virginal obesession. Good thing for me that in the religion I follow a raped women is "ruined" if she has had her virginity forcefully taken from her

3. As for your 7 day rest thing. Hint: Get a clue about Zorastrianism. Judaism today is watered down Zorastrianism. Most of the levitical code come from the Parsi's Avestan Vendidad. They too have a common couple ancestor, 6 days of creation, the concept of a messiah and various other theologies your sages took from them.---Modern Judaism is simply the descendant of the Pharisees. The Pharisees were the most Zorastrianified jewish sect, hence the name Pharisee which comes from Parsi which is the original name for followers of Zorastrianism.

jewish philosopher said...

Moses lived before Socrates and Plato.

The Torah advocates both killing some people and helping other people.

Zoroastrians do not observe a sabbath.

Anonymous said...

1) Alex has a point. The Torah itself refers to other books "Book of the convenent," etc. What these are is open to debate.

2) Re/ Plato & Socrates & Zoroastrian - they came well over a THOUSAND years after the Torah.