Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Atheist of the Week

Professor Richard Dawkins

I once asked a question “Can anyone find an example of a single prominent atheistic leader who was kind, honest, and sober and had a stable family life?”

I think the answer is becoming fairly obvious.


badrabbi said...

Thank you very much for supplying the link. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this brilliant man.

PS, you got to remove the rediculous WORD VERIFICATION from your blog. It is a hassle.

jewish philosopher said...

Many scientists I'm sure are brilliant. However honest, maybe not so much.

Cameron said...

You ask for a prominent atheist who is;

"kind, honest, and sober and had a stable family life"

...so what exactly is wrong with Dawkins? Or Sagan?

That isn't also wrong with yourself?

Dawkins and Sagan have divorce in their past - as I note, do you.

Outside of that, both of them are extremely accomplished, non-murderous sober, kind, etc.

It seems to me if you set the bar so high nobody - even yourself - can reach it.

As for your need for an example, I again offer myself as proof of the atheist morality as, unlike you, I have never been divorced.

Unfortunately, not all of us atheists can be 'prominent'.

By the way, you have to hand it to Dawkins, he has the balls to put all of his debates with religious folks up for people to view and reach their own conclusions. You can't say he hides from taking on those who disagree with him.

hen3ry said...

Douglas Adams

jewish philosopher said...

"n the early 1980s, Adams had an affair with married novelist Sally Emerson, to whom he dedicated his book Life, the Universe and Everything. In 1981 Emerson returned to her husband, Peter Stothard, a contemporary of Adams at Brentwood School."

Was Mr. Stothard OK with this?

jewish philosopher said...

Cameron, regarding Dawkins, "The underlying presumption -- that a human being has some kind of property rights over another human being’s body -- is unspoken because it is assumed to be obvious. But with what justification?"

Has Professor Dawkins every heard of a committed relationship? What part of the word "committed" doesn't he understand?

"he was entitled to lie about his private life"

Basically, Professor Dawkins seems to be appalled that someone would promise sexual fidelity to someone else and then later be criticized for breaking that promise and for lying about having broken it. He seems to be not only dishonest, but he is unable to understand the entire concept.

Carl Sagan was never clearly an atheist. Nor was Sagan noted for being kind.

I'm also not hiding, by the way.

Physiocrat said...

I am no fan of Dawkins when he goes on about religion but this seems to be a fairly balance and sane statement.

hen3ry said...


jewish philosopher said...

A source would be welcome Spike.