Friday, November 30, 2007

Philosophy Basics


Core Beliefs: The belief that no omniscient, omnipotent lawgiver exists, who has made rules and who will punish people if they disobey.

Primary Motives: Narcissism and hedonism.

Primary Proofs: The fossils and the suffering of children disprove the Bible.

Primary Defenses: Life was created by blind chance over a very long time and vast space. Judaism was fabricated by Ezra the Scribe based on earlier Canaanite myths and superstitions.

Primary basis for ethics: Whatever most people in society think is ethical.

Primary motivation for ethics: A desire to be accepted by society.

Primary purpose in life: To be comfortable and to do interesting and enjoyable things.

Founder: Baron d'Holbach 1770

Primary text: The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin


Core Beliefs: The belief that God exists and wrote the Torah.

Primary motives: Honesty and integrity.

Primary proofs: Life proves God exists. Jewish history proves God wrote the Torah.

Primary defenses: The fossils are remnants of earlier worlds. Children suffer due to sins in earlier lives or the sins of their parents.

Primary basis for ethics: The Talmud.

Primary motivation for ethics: Fear of God.

Primary purpose in life: To serve God. To be rewarded in the afterlife.

Founder: Abraham 1739 BCE

Primary text: the Pentateuch


Joebaum said...

Great post!

Avitov said...

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DrJ said...

Hi JP,

It's me. Don't worry, I won't make a habit out of visiting your blog.

BTW, what the @#$%% was the previous comment?

I could suggest an abridged version of this post.

Judaism: Believing what people said and wrote thousands of years ago.

Atheism: Not believing what people said and wrote thousands of years ago.

jewish philosopher said...

I don't understand the last comment either. But it's not porn and I'm hesitant to delete anything lest I appear to be covering something up.

Judaism and atheism aren't just about the credibility of ancient writings. After all, most Jews don't believe in the
Bhagavad Gita
while many atheists consider ancient hieroglyphics to be very credible if they don't mention religion.

DrJ said...

"After all, most Jews don't believe in the
Bhagavad Gita while many atheists consider ancient hieroglyphics to be very credible if they don't mention religion."

Not quite. Atheists would consider an ancient hieroglyphic credible if and only if it is corroborated by outside or independent evidence (other records, scientific evidence, etc). Obviously this would automatically exclude any ancient texts claims of supernatural events, which by definition are inconsitent with natural law and the scientific method, and are NEVER corroborated by outside sources.

With regards to what Jews believe, my comment refers to ANY religion, whose followers believe their own ancient texts and are skeptical about those of other religions.

jewish philosopher said...

Some religions are based on very modern texts.

You seem to be saying that religious people believe in religious texts and atheists don't. Alright, however that doesn't explain very much.

SJ said...


Core Beliefs: The belief in the individual's right to interpret the Torah for oneself.

Primary Motives: to combat overly strict orthodoxy.

Primary Proofs: Insane rabbis who say that it is preferrable for jews to be poor and that one should not talk to the opposite gender.

Primary Defenses: Truth is determined by human observation.

Primary basis for ethics: Don't do to others what you do not want done to yourself and mock stupidity.

Primary motivation for ethics: being a good person.

Primary purpose in life: To be comfortable and to do interesting and enjoyable things.

Founder: SJ

Primary text:

Rebeljew said...


Core Beliefs: "The belief that God exists and wrote the Torah."

You forgot the belief that Rabbis speak for G-d, that saints perform miracles and that a strain of kabalists 500 years ago rewrote Halacha.

Primary motives: "Honesty and integrity."

Excuse me while I laugh uncontrollably.

Primary proofs: "Life proves God exists. Jewish history proves God wrote the Torah."

Yes, I have read some of the entertaining narcissism here in the form of "proofs" and "refutations". You are a master of non-sequiteur.

Primary defenses: "The fossils are remnants of earlier worlds. Children suffer due to sins in earlier lives or the sins of their parents."

So how do you tell the difference between earlier worlds and earlier history in the same world? What separates the worlds?
You also forgot that you said that children suffer and die because G-d knows they will grow up to be bad. Yet more brilliant "philosophy".

Primary basis for ethics: The Talmud.

Current Orthodox Judaism bears no more resemblance to the Talmud than England does to Shakespearean plays or even Harry Potter novels.

Primary motivation for ethics: Fear of God.

And obedience to the selected, oddly garbed celebrity rabbis of our generation. Also peer pressure, the need to get kids shidduchim and yeshiva berths and keeping up with the Jones's chumras. Ever read Mesichta Sotah 22 amud beis.

Primary purpose in life: "To serve God. To be rewarded in the afterlife."

Again I return to fits of laughter.

Founder: Abraham 1739 BCE

True founder: the Ari, about 500 years ago.

Primary text: the Pentateuch

No, superceded by the Zohar, pronouncements of latter day saints , and any number of other things that the people of the era of matan Torah would not recognize.

Rebeljew said...

Jewish Philosopher

Core Beliefs: The belief that his own arguments, which are actually rehashed and inconclusive arguments over the past several decades, prove something.

Primary Motives: Narcissism and fundamentalist bigotry

Primary Proofs: Just look at this blog. Oy!

Primary Defenses: Just look at this blog and his comments on other blogs. Oy Vay!!

Primary basis for ethics: Whatever a rabbi tells him.

Primary motivation for ethics: A desire to be accepted by frum society.

Primary purpose in life: To mekarev every Jewish doubter with his brilliant logic.

Founder: Himself

Primary text: This blog. Oy vey iz mir!!!!