Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Kefirah Clown #2

[kefirah – Hebrew for "denial", as in denial of Judaism]

As some will remember, on Sunday, April 9, 2006, an ultra-Orthodox young man, Israel Valis was indicted by the Jerusalem District Attorney's Office for abuse of a minor relating to the brain damage of his three-month-old son on April 2. [Passover began April 13 and ended April 20.]

Failed Messiah, a blog published by a former ultra-Orthodox Jew who is now an enemy of anything rabbinical, called Mr. Valis a “Haredi Baby Murderer” on April 23. The blogger, who calls himself "Shmarya Rosenberg", ends the post with the helpful advice “Haredim, wake up! Your rabbis are destroying you!”

I have not been able to find clear documentation, however apparently the charges were dropped about a year ago. The baby was a victim medical malpractice in the hospital, not child abuse and over zealous police investigators tricked the grief stricken father into making self-incriminating remarks.

It is interesting how some "Jewish" bloggers sound little different than bloggers like this one.

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Unknown said...

1. The charges were not "dropped" and the baby was not a victim of "malpractice" at the hospital.

2. I am NOT anonymous. Indeed, my blog contains not only my name (as it has from day 1), but also my a brief biography.

3. Now, Epples, why not tell the truth, the whole truth, about yourself?

Unknown said...

I should add there were bite marks on the baby and there were other clear signs of abuse.

The reports you read are, I believe, from preliminary questioning of the witnesses by the defense.

As more questions were asked, the picture grew far less favorable to Vales.

I'm not sure how the case resolved, but I do know that his wife became pregnant a few months ago (or perhaps gave birth, I'd have to check to see to be sure) and there was great concern about allowing him to remain at home where he remains, I think, under some form of house arrest until the case is resolved.

Check this out a bit and see what you find,

Unknown said...

You know, Eppels, I just noticed the link to the neo-Nazi page and your insinuation that I'm no different than a neo-Nazi. That's a bit below the belt, don't you think, even for you?

If you find any proof that the charges were eventually dropped, shoot me an email – the link is on the right sidebar of my website.

jewish philosopher said...

Yesterday I didn't notice your name on your blog, but I'll correct that.

A name alone still doesn't identify you. "Shmarya" I guess may be a nick name or name used only by other Jews while "Rosenberg" is quite common.

Are you listed in the phone book? Is this you?

Rosenberg, S & L
255 Second Ave SE
Milaca, MN 56353-1212
(320) 983-6734

Unknown said...

No, you disgusting prick, it is not me.

Now let's be clear:

1. You were wrong about Vales.

2. You were wrong about me.

People often choose to be anonymous because of the behavior of pricks like you.

I did not make that choice.

But if you print my personal information, address, etc. I'll deal with you. Got that?

jewish philosopher said...

Mr. Rosenberg, I have to admit I am very impressed by your maturity and your obviously very strong emotional stability. It’s an honor to read your enlightening comments.

And by the way, what kind of name is "Shmarya"?

Avrum68 said...

Jacob said:
"however apparently the charges were dropped about a year ago. The baby was a victim medical malpractice in the hospital,"

Failed Messiah said:
"The charges were not "dropped" and the baby was not a victim of "malpractice" at the hospital."

One of you are:
a) Going to look like a complete ass
b) apologize to the other

Both of you:
Need help...very, very similar kind of help.

Unknown said...

And by the way, what kind of name is "Shmarya"?

What do you mean?

badrabbi said...

First, it is possible to be an Orthodox Jew and abuse your children. If JP wants to deny that, let him say so.

Second, the rate of child abuse amongst OJ's is either lower, or at most, similar to the rate of abuse in other societies. If Shamyra wants to deny that, let her (?) say so.

Third, whether Velis is guilty or innocent is almost immaterial. What bothered me about this affair is the following:
1. The Orthodox rabbis published posters, stating that this is "blood libel". Now as far as I know, this title is given to the accusation that Jews kill babies as human sacrifice. Such an accusation is obviously wrong and highly inflammatory. The rabbis were wrong in making this stupid statement.
2. The Orthodox rabbis "demanded" that Valis be released from jail lest they will "burn Jerusalem". Again, the 9th Psalm or Tehilim not withstanding (where the Jews proclaim that if Jerusalem were for naught, they would rather lose their right hand)this is a stupid statement.

All in all, whether Valis is guilty or not, the Heradi rabbis in Jerusalem made fools of themselves.

jewish philosopher said...

Bad, bear in mind that reports you read about what the "Heradi" rabbis did may be just as false as reports you read about what Valis did. It's all coming from the same secular Israeli media.

jewish philosopher said...

My impression (and if anyone has more information, please let me know) is that the Jerusalem DA has decided to simply take no further action regarding the indictment of April, 2006.

I'm not sure that in the US you could do that, but Israel has different procedures.

badrabbi said...

"that reports you read about what the "Heradi" rabbis did may be just as false as reports"

Fair enough. But if the reports are accurate, then you would agree with what I said above.

jewish philosopher said...

Yeah, I probably would. Generally quiet diplomacy and legal motions are more effective than threats.