Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Plan International

[Malawi, where the Middle Ages continue]

Last Friday afternoon I was walking down 34th street in Manhattan on my way to the gym when an attractive young lady accosted me. She asked me if I wanted to sponsor a child for something called Plan USA. Although I always try to be friendly, I am not friendly enough to give my credit card out to strangers on the street, no matter how pretty. However I told her I would check out their website.

I have, and I’m very impressed.

I would urge everyone who can afford to do so to sponsor a child through Plan International, in addition to your other charitable donations.

"He Who is merciful to others, mercy is shown to him by Heaven, while he who is not merciful to others, mercy is not shown to him by Heaven" (Talmud Tractate Shabbat 151b).


Joebaum said...

Why do you find it uniqe?

jewish philosopher said...

I think it's good; probably it's not unique.

Joebaum said...

Its probebly becouse of the pretty lady...(lol)

Jewish Atheist said...

Good for you.

BTW, you can get info on various charities at http://www.charitynavigator.org/