Thursday, January 25, 2007

Achieving Happiness

I think that a common reason for leaving Judaism is the belief that Judaism is a sad, unhappy way of life and the secular, atheistic life is so much happier.

Actually, nothing could be farther from the truth. The secular lifestyle is miserable and Judaism can be truly joyous. To put it another way, if you are miserable as a Jew, you will in the long run be twice as miserable as a non-Jew. And I was once a non-Jew, so I should know.

This quote is revealing:
“People who believe in God are happier than those who don’t. A study shows that the faithful are less likely to abuse drugs, commit crimes or kill themselves.”
“Some Dark Thought on Happiness” by Jennifer Senior (who is an atheist) in New York magazine 7/17/2006 page 30

“The Pursuit of Happiness”, by a highly respected social psychologist, Dr. David G. Myers Avon Books 1992, mentions that important factors to build happiness are: a strong faith and trust in God (page 183), belief in an afterlife (page 200), focusing on spiritual rather than material accomplishments (page 188). It’s a worthwhile book in general.

I believe that Judaism will make you happy because it will:

Provide you with a more meaningful purpose in life.

Provide you with a feeling of self esteem and self respect.

Provide you with hope for life after death.

Provide you with a belief in justice in this world.

Provide you with a feeling of control over your future.

Help you increase your self control.

Help you have a better relationship with friends and develop a good family life.

Give you more constancy in life.

Even if you cannot believe that being a good Jew will improve your situation in the afterlife (and it will), it is surely easily provable that it will enhance your life in this world. Why deprive yourself of that? It’s truly a pity.

What if for some reason you are unable to believe? Then practice Judaism, study Torah, pray for the wisdom to find the truth and repent and you will believe.

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Josh said...

I agree with everything you said. But for some reason this "What if for some reason you are unable to believe? Then practice Judaism, study Torah, pray for God’s help and you will believe." while a 100% true, learning Torah and davening will help, sounds so christian to me for some reason. "Pray to yoshkua to help your soul." Just a nitpick, I agree with you.

jewish philosopher said...

There should be no reason for anyone to have trouble believing in Judaism; the truth is so obvious. However we do say in the fourth blessing of Shemoneh Esreh "grant us from You understanding, knowledge and intelligence". That should lead us to belief.

Joebaum said...
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